51 JavaScript MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


Which of the following operators is used to determine whether or not a particular property exists?

25. Which of these keywords is used to check for exceptions in the block?

24. Which of the following statements about Thread is untrue?

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Which of the following selections serves as the literal hexadecimal start?

23.Which of these packages includes the Java Stack Overflow exception?

Which type of variable among the following is volatile?

If the names of two variables are the same, which one is the dominant one?

The names of the "function" and "var" are:

What happens if an interpreter runs into an empty statement:

What does a block of statements mean in JavaScript?

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Which of the following doesn't constitute a JavaScript error?

Which of the following properties is the one that JS faults cause to be triggered?

22. What will the following Java programme produce?

which is not a framework?

Why are JS event handlers necessary?

Which of the subsequent operations and/or procedures does JavaScript utilise in place of == and!=?

21. Of the following, which is not a Java Profiler?

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Why is a JavaScript Engine necessary?

20. Which of the following describes the superclass of each Java class?

What fundamental differences exist between Java and JavaScript?

19. Which of the following keywords is used in Java to define interfaces?

What kind of scoping method does JavaScript employ?

18. Which of these is a Java selection statement?

Which of the following best describes what takes place when JavaScript software is created on a Unix machine?

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17. In Java, what exception is raised when memory is exhausted?

16. What does the term "compiled Java classes" mean?

A JavaScript Code Snippet can be called using which of the following?

15. What will the following Java code snippet produce?

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