581 MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


he past tense of "run" is "ran."

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The comparative form of the adjective "good" is "better."

A sentence fragment is a complete sentence that expresses a clear thought.

Identify the sentence with correct subject-verb agreement:

Which sentence is a compound sentence?

Me and my friend went to the movies.

Identify the correct sentence:

In one test, 35% of students scored poorly on the quant section, 42% on the verbal section, and 14% on both topics. How many students showed up to take the exam if 222 students passed in both topics?

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A moneylender uses the precarious circumstances of the impoverished as leverage and charges 50% interest. He never gets arrested nevertheless because he pays bribes totaling 20% of his total capital (starting capital plus profit). How much bribe did he provide at the conclusion of the first year if he had a capital of Rs 25,000 to invest at the start of the fourth?

There are "a" tiny and large balls in the bucket, and "b%" of them are black. Black makes up c% of the little balls and pf large d% are black. Determine how many little balls are in the bucket.

The amount of materials A, B, C, and D is a multiple amount of tensile strength of material A. What will be the overall change in A's tensile strength if the amounts of material in A, B, C, and D are changed by 30%, 30%, 25%, and +25%, respectively?

Five different subjects were covered in the questions on a practise paper at 2iim.com. 10% of the students that showed up passed on every topic, whereas 10% failed on all of them. 20% of the remaining students passed on just one topic, and 25% on just two topics. Find the total number of students that appeared in the exam if 24% of the total students passed just 4 topics and 500 people passed in just 3 topics.

The following has a question and three statements. Consider the statements and choose the statement(s) that are/are required to respond to the question. What was the given discount rate? I) After selling the table for Rs. 12650, a profit of 26.5% was made. II) If there had been no discount, a profit of 30% would have been made. IV) The table cost Rs. 10,000 to purchase.

Ram is an onion vendor in Chandni Chowk. He increases his selling price by double due to a recent shortage in the supply of onions despite the fact that his cost price is unchanged because of a fixed price contract . He notices a threefold increase in his profit. Identify the first profit percentage.

On a simple interest basis, Ram obtains 600 in interest over the course of two years. At the same interest rate, he would make Rs. 630 in compound interest. What is the interest rate?

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Ram puts Rs. P in a bank at r% and, after 20 years, it has grown to Rs. 16P due to compound interest at r%. What would the amount be if he had made the identical investment at r% simple interest for 20 years?

Compound interest collected after three years on a specific amount of money is Rs. 1456. At the end of two years, compound interest is Rs. 880. Calculate the invested principal.

Krishna takes out a loan from a bank for Rs. 45K at 10% compound interest. He pays it back in three arithmetic-progressive annual installments. He ultimately pays 54k in total. What did he pay in the one year?

A is x% superior to B. B is y% lower than C. Find the relationship between x and y if A, B, and C are positive and A is greater than C.

A trader spends Rs. 40 on 80 items. He sells n of them for a profit of n% and (100 - n)% on the remaining n. What was the minimum amount of profit the merchant could have made from this transaction?

60% of x is a two-digit value called ab. Reversing the digits of ab results in a two-digit number that is 60% greater than x. Identify x.

B is x% more than a, and a is x% of b. Identify x.

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For a total of Rs. 1000 and Rs. 2000, traders A and B purchase two items. Trader A increases the price of his goods by x%, while Trader B increases the price by 2x% and provides a discount of x%. Find x if both have a non-zero profit.

50% more pupils are in class B than in class A. Number of boys in class B is equal to number of girls in class A.   In both classes, the proportion of female students is the same. What proportion of the students are male?

In a class, there would be 50% more girls than boys if 50% of the boys were female. How many girls make up the entire class?

A is y% less than C, A is y% less than B . k% more of C than B. Put k into x and y.

A shares a haul with B, C, and D. a% of the total goes to A. B receives b% of what is left (after A has taken his share). D receives the remains, and C receives c% of it. D receives a percentage less than A, whereas B and C receive the same sum. b = 2a. 1. What percentage of what A received did C receive? 2. What is the difference between what A and D received if the total is equal to Rs. 1000?

B is x% less than A and is x% of sum of A and B. What does x represent?

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