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With which form of economy is the term ‘Laissez-faire’ associated?

Which one of the following is a driving force influencing the industrial growth of an economy ?

In India, the concepts of “minimum needs” and “direction anti-poverty programmes ” were the innovations of:

National Development Council was set up in:

In which city is the headquarters of the Central Railway Zone located?

Central Railway (abbreviated CR) is one of Indian Railways' 19 zones. Its headquarters are located in the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus in Mumbai.

The strategy of Rolling plan was adopted during the Prime Ministership of:

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Where is Rail Coach Factory located?

Rail Coach Factory at Kapurthala is a coach manufacturing unit of the Indian Railways in the state of Punjab. It is located on the Jalandhar-Firozpur railway line.

Which is the shortest railway zone in the country?

The smallest railway zone in India is North East.

The Decentralisation system was recommended by :

Who was the first Railway Minister who resigned due to a train accident?

Only two people have resigned in recent history: Lal Bahadur Shastri and Nitish Kumar. After two mishaps in 1956, he resigned twice. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru refused to accept his resignation in August 1956, following the Mehboob Nagar catastrophe, which lost 112 lives.

The Second Five Year Plan laid more stress upon:

Economic survey is published by

The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission :

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Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) North Eastern Regional Campus has been inaugurated at which city?

The Indian President officially opens the North Eastern Regional Campus of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) in Aizawl. On the occasion, the President visited the Convocation of Mizoram University (MZU) and virtually inaugurated several education-related projects, including a permanent campus of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) in Aizawl.

The third Vande Bharat Express train, which was recently inaugurated (in October 2022), runs between which cities?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Gandhinagar-Mumbai Vande Bharat Express train, the third in the Vande Bharat series, between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The two additional Vande Bharat Express trains, which began service in February and October of this year, operate from New Delhi to Varanasi and Katra, respectively. The 'Vande Bharat 2.0' Gandhinagar-Mumbai Express train travels 540 kilometers in 6 hours and 30 minutes.

A is D’s brother. D is B’s father. B and C are sisters. How is A related to C ?

Pointing towards a lady, Lokesh said, “She is the daughter of my mother’s only daughter.” How is Lokesh related to that lady?

M is sister of D. R is brother of D. F is father of M and T is mother of R. How is D related to T ?

Select the option that will fill in the blank and complete thee given series 15, 17, 20, 22, 27, 29, ? , ?

If 'AIM' is coded as '23' then 'HOUSE' is coded as

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Select the option that is related to the third number in the same way as the second number is related to the first number. 23 ∶ 34 ∶∶ 47 ∶ ?

A man is standing on a lawn is facing North-East. If the man turns 45 degrees in a clockwise direction and 135 degrees in an anti-clockwise direction, which direction will he face now?

Who sits fourth to the left of Gopal?

25: Who among them remains at home on the following day of the nurse's

24:Which of the following combinations will be equal to TAKE if GIVE = 43 and OR = 33?

23:Which of the following combinations will be equal to TAKE if GIVE = 43 and OR = 33?

22:In the event that GIVE = 43 and OR = 33, TAKE will be equivalent to

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21:What would the code for TRUST be if SING were encoded as SINGS in a certain code language?

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