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1 Goa MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


Who was the first CM of Goa?

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25th State of India

Goa is a state on the southwestern coast of India within the Konkan region, geographically separated from the Deccan highlands by the Western Ghats. It is located between the Indian states of Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the east and south, with the Arabian Sea forming its western coast. It is India's smallest state by area and its fourth-smallest by population. The state of Goa, in India, is famous for its beaches and places of worship. Tourism is its primary industry, and is generally focused on the coastal areas of Goa, with decreased tourist activity inland.

  • 3,702 Km²
  • Shri P.S Sreedharan Pillai
  • Dr Pramod Sawant
  • 1,542,750
  • Panaji

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