100 Invention MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


What invention by Garnet Carter made its debut at the Fairyland Inn Resort in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, in 1927?

This African-American woman physical therapist worked with soldiers disabled in World War II. She invented a device that helped the disabled to eat by delivering food through a tube to a mouthpiece.

What toy was invented by Joshua Lionel Cowen around 1900?

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Who invented Bakelite?

What George Pullman invented?

What office item was invented by Bette Nesmith Graham in 1951?

What item, originally called the 'Whirlwind', was invented by Ives McGaffey in 1869?

When were the first Lionel trains manufactured?

What Frank Whittle invented?

When was the Raggedy Ann doll patented?

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FROZEN FOOD - Who discovered the first practical method of freezing food?

Who synthesized the first wholly artificial gene?

In the 1700s, who would pay the postage fee for letters before the stamp was invented?

In which decade with the first transatlantic radio broadcast occur?

Who invented Bicycle?

What Sir Isaac Newton invented?

What type of system did Paul Nipkow, John Baird, and Charles Jenkins all invent?

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In which decade was the AEEE (now the IEEE) founded?

It travels over land and water. Who invented the HOVERCRAFT?

What African-American inventor received 5 patents in the field of shoemaking?

For whom high heeled shoes were invented?

What toy did George Lerner create for Hasbro company in 1952?

Who invented Dynamite?

Who came up with the idea for INSTANT MASHED POTATO?

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William Frederick is credited with the invention of the modern frisbee in the mid 1950's. In 1957 the Wham-O Company bought his idea and the rest is history. They named the toy after William Frisbie who was a ________?

CORN FLAKES - Who made them first?

Who developed the idea of Crop Rotation?

For over 500 years, paper was only available and sold as single sheets. In 1902, an inventive Australian used half size sheets of paper, a bit of glue and cardboard to create the what?

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