29 Environment Science MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


Which of the subsequent unit is used for air pollutants manipulation in chemical plants?

The "project tiger" was launched in which year in India?

Wildlife week is celebrated from -

The CFCs are used for:

What is EL-Nino?

The Ozone hole over Antarctica was discovered in which year?

Stratosphere- a layer of ozone its thickness is measured in?

The world’s first sustainable bio-fuels economy is considered to be found in?

In which of the following locations all species of ' Lemur' are endemic?

Which is the 1st Indian country to sign an MoU with IUCN to put together a red-listing evaluation of Orchids?

Which environmental movement refers to as Greed Game Political Populism via way of the environmentalists?

Which of the subsequent started in 1973 to store the evergreen tropical woodland within the Palakkad district of Kerala, India from being flooded via a hydroelectric project?

Who among the following was related to Chipko movement?

Who among the following options was associated with the Bishnoi movement?

The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (U N C E D) or The Earth Summit was held at?

which microorganism's Food chain breakdown the food formed by primary producers?

The base of the Phytoplankton in a food chain is?

Anthropogenic is a ............ environment?

Which is the world’s largest land biome?

Which continent have the richest biodiversity?

Hackelgave the term Ecology in?

the transition zone between the two ecosystems is called?

Full form of NEERI?

Forest Research Institute is situated in:

Which country issued its first Green Bonds with a record sale of USD 7.5 billion in January 2017?

Ministry for water resources, river development, and Ganga rejuvenation has been introduced to celebrate 14th April the birth anniversary of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar as which day?

The great commercial tragedies namely, MIC and Chernobyl tragedies respectively happened wherein and at which time?

Which among the following is not a primary greenhouse gas?

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