111 Biology GK MCQ question & Answer in English हिन्दी


Biology is the science that studies life and its physicochemical processes. The research is separated into numerous branches for convenience, including botany, zoology, morphology, etc. Let's do a fun quiz about life science that will help us better our knowledge and prepare for competitive exams.

Which one of the following eye conditions is referred to as "lazy eye"?

Which hormone is administered as a last resort in the event of a heart attack?

The water that is easily accessible to plants for root absorption is

Which kingdom are common bacteria a part of?

The importance of the skeletal system is due in part to

Which of the following muscle fiber types has many nuclei?

bases containing nitrogen in DNA and RNA?

Which of the following determines the sex of an offspring?

How many amino acids are required to make one protein?

Which one of the following systems transports blood from the heart to the kidneys?

Which phrase best encapsulates genetic mutations?

Which of the following is a disease caused by protozoa?

Which best describes the transformation in bacteria?

Rajat struggles with hyperopia. The ophthalmologist will advise what kind of lens to correct his vision.

The variable number of tandem repeats (VNTRs) in the DNA molecule is highly useful in

Which of the following contributes significantly to photosynthesis?

For a significant infestation, the best way of eradication is

How many parathyroid glands are found on the human thyroid's reverse side?

Which of the following is a Rhizome, specifically?

Fibers are absent in:

In plants, the exchange of gases takes place through

A river's level of water contamination is determined by

The medical graduates' oath is administered by

Vitamins are

In sexual reproduction, the male gametes are generally ______.

The best definition of pollination is

Which of the following is not a part of the male reproductive system in human beings?

Branch of biology in which we study the cultivation of flowering plant

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