18 Polity MCQ Questions हिन्दी प्रश्न


the first President’s Rule imposed in Uttarakhand?

How many MLAs are in Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly?

How many Lok Sabha Seats does Uttarkhand have?

How many Rajya Sabha Seats does Uttarkhand have?

Which party won the 3rd Assembly of Uttarkhand?

When was Uttarakhand’s Legislative Assembly Founded? 14 Feb 2002

What is Uttarakhand's Summer Capital?

What is the Total Area of Uttarakhand?

When did the Uttarakhand Chipko Movement occur?

Who was the first governor of Uttarakhand?

How many development blocks are there in Uttarakhand?

Who among the following was the first woman governor of Uttarakhand?

When was the revenue policing system implemented in the Uttarakhand state?

Which district has maximum number of villages?

Which of the following is not a district of Uttarakhand?

How many districts of Kumaon division touch the boundary of Garhwal division?

The second official language of Uttarakhand is?

Where is a Gram Sabha established in Uttarakhand?

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