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75 Jammu & Kashmir MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


A product is marked up by a seller 160% over its cost. After that, he gives two subsequent discounts of 20% and 25%, yet he still makes 56% of the profit. Determine the selling price of the item if the marked price is Rs 520.

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What single discount will be equal to two consecutive discounts of 25% and 24%?

400÷20×35+6666÷33+ ? = 1100.

28×14.5+1680÷15+445=1000 -?

845+4380+2640 – 5965 = (?)²

A group of four grown men and three children completed a project that cost Rs. 600 in three days. If a single man were to finish the same job, it would take him 15 days. What would be the daily salary of the man?

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An amount of Rs. P was put into a financial investment which gave a 10% return over two years as simple interest. Had the same sum been placed in a different investment at 20%, in a given amount of time 'x' (measured in months), it would have resulted in an additional gain of Rs. 200. Determining the value of 'x' can be done by solving the equation Px = 5000.

Sanjay leaves his house, walking at a constant rate of 5 kilometers per hour. 20 minutes later, Anurag sets off from the same spot on his bike, cycling at a speed of 12 kilometers per hour in the same direction. Approximately, how far will Anurag have to travel until he overtakes Sanjay?

Akshay purchased an item and increased its price by 30 % from its original cost. When he sold the item, he provided a 10% discount instead of the 15% he had planned for, resulting in a profit of Rs. 13. Calculate the cost price of the item.

Compared to 'B', 'A' is 40% less proficient in completing the same job while 'B' can finish it in 20% less time than 'C'. If both 'A' and 'B' work together and complete 80% of the task in 12 days, then how many days will it take for 'B' and 'C' to finish 60% of the job?

If P and Q collaborate, they can finish a job in 24 days. On the other hand, Q and R as a team can accomplish the same task in 32 days. P and Q started the job and worked on it for 8 days, and then P quit the project. R joined Q and they labored on it for an additional 12 days, at which point Q departed. Finally, R completed the remaining work in 28 days. How long will it take R to finish the assignment if he works alone?

Vessels A and B each hold a mixture comprising of water and milk, where A has 25% water and B has 50% water. To figure out the ratio in which these mixtures should be blended to get a final mixture with 60% milk, we need to do a calculation.

A container holds a combination of milk and water which is composed of 40% dairy. If 18 liters of additional water is placed in the receptacle, the proportion of water will be 75% of the mixture. What is the original amount of milk in the vessel?

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The contents of a container contain 120 litres of a blend of alcohol and water, with the split being 5 : 3 respectively. After the addition of some water, the ratio of the alcohol to the water is changed to 25 : 21. What is the volume (in litres) of water that was added?

A container has a ratio of milk to water of 3:10. If 10 liters of milk is put in, the ratio of milk to water changes to 2:5. Determine what the initial amount of the mixture in the vessel was (in liters).

When a number is swapped out for "x," the mean of the four numbers increases by one, and when a different number is exchanged for "x," the average of the four numbers is reduced by one. What is the difference between the two numbers?

Three years ago, the mean age of five staff members from a company was 54 years. After the inclusion of a new employee, the current mean age of the group is 52 years. What is the age of the newly added employee?

The collective weight of the boys in a class of 50 students is 40 kilograms, while the average weight of female students is 35 kg. Calculate the number of female students if the mean weight of the whole class is 38 kg.

If the mean of five odd integers in a row is 33, then the smallest odd number is

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