Best Anatomy 3D app ever.

best anatomy 3D app

One of the top and best android app.

It has free, incredible information and runs without too much overhead. Amazing on chromebook with notes running alongside. 1 month update: Absolutely essential for learning anatomy for kinesthetic/visual learners. Nothing, including textbooks, will help anyone to visualize the body as much as this has anatomy app helps.
Going into more details, it doesn’t lag, it’s accurate and it allows you to explore the anatomy of the human body in epic detail. It would be really cool if there could be information as to the role of the different body parts but doesn’t matter, since it has already done amazing stuff with this so don’t sweat it!

More than 10,00,000 + downloads.

A highly complex structure broken down, and even taught, into a very simple and clean format that’s very easy to learn. Navigational tutorials walk through a step by step process, when needed, to allow maximum utilization and give a familiar like experience. We would recommend this app to all our users.
It has done some admirable marketing strategy for those who don’t have enought money to spend on such helpful apps. It is completely free on google play store with a size of 16 MB file. This app is special help for all those medical students who don’t have enough money to go for highly paid institutes.
Medical students have shown their great interest in it.
This is a great app to orient yourself on the human anatomy. Everyone is surprised by the amount of items this app is providing us all. However, the point that we noticed is that some of those items lack the detail you’d get looking at an anatomy atlas/textbook/online so this should not be your only source of reference. The app and the 3D functionally have been working great!
So download the app now from the playstore.
If somehow you find any problem in installing the app. You can even download it for your PC or MAC through our website.
Please click here to download for PC or MAC.

Please READ the FAQ before request a feature.

Comments, suggestions and help:

Q: Why is ONLINE? Why cannot be offline?
A: Think of the app as in Youtube.

Each time you load a scene, this must be downloaded, then cached to accelerate the following times, but you’ll still need internet connection (exactly as you see a video on youtube ).
and no, there is no way to make this APP (or youtube) offline.
The app can download and cache up to 1Gb.

P: In what languages is it translated?
R: SPANISH (original language) and ENGLISH (translated).

Q: What should I do if the app could not be installed, or it does not connect to the server?
A: Follow these steps:
1. – Make sure you fit requirements:
Android 4 . . . . 1Gb RAM . . . . 1GB of free space to install apps.
2. – Connect with Internet
3. – Install the APP, open it and access the Library.
4. – If, after have followed these steps, you still can not access, send us your error through our mail.
App is soon coming in other languages like French, Portuguese, Italian and Russian as it has started getting requested from these languages. It will take a long time

Q: Why some books says it is under construction?
A: It will take time to upload all the content as medical field itself have a very vast knowledge and terms. We have created some 3D anatomical parts and there is still some progress in building an adequate bibliography for learning.


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