“Benefits of Travel Insurance” and its 10 Important tips for Traveller

Travel insurance

Why Travel Insurance Is Important For Every Traveller?

Life is the most important and precious thing that you have so no matter how costly your protection cover so it’s a good sense to be investing on yourself. Insurance is all about to secure your life or your loved one by financial safety,

Travel insurance is necessary if you are travelling away from your home country. You can easily buy from online just click and follow some steps and even you allow to Moderate like, as you want. But first, everybody should know before buy “Travel Insurance” “Holiday Insurance and its ‘factors or benefits’ and basic understanding when you are covered and when you are not. Travel insurance is like an umbrella that protects you in many ways, so Buy an insurance and gift a tremendous support to your family or your loved ones, after you know about these kinds of Insurances you are well able to  Compare the benefits of your plan with multiple Insurance Companies

Type of Insurance Plans:

  1. Medical Emergencies
  2. Dental Coverage
  3. Lost/Stolen Your Luggage
  4. Protects You In Nature Disaster
  5. Car accident
  6. Coverage in high-risk locations
  7. Emergency Evacuation
  8. Group Insurance
  9. Multi-trip Insurance
  10. Student travel insurance
  11. Family protection

Medical Emergencies:

Medical- Emergency Insurance

Medical- Emergency Insurance

If you get a sudden illness or get any diseases or get badly hurt when you don’t need to worry, an insurance company will take care of your all medical expenses until you are not able to fly to your home country. You will not cover if you did “Plastic surgery, experiment treatment, allergy treatments” unless if your life is not in danger situation by these causes. Always contact those insurance companies who are ready to serve you 24*7. Don’t buy any cheap medical insurance or regular medical insurance” because It has no coverage plans completely useless. Regular medical health insurance can only fulfil the paperwork criteria for visas. Medical plans are usually focused on medical expenses and emergency evacuation.  But once you purchase travel insurance might be you are not longer to change any terms & policies in your insurance. One more thing emergency medical must for those travellers who love extreme sports like- trekking, zorbing, scuba diving, powerbocking, mountain boarding, kiting, rappelling, hang gliding and any other life risk sport.

Tips: – Ask with your insurer that they must cover you If you got hurt while doing these extreme sports. All you need to clear your requirement with your insurance company.


Dental Coverage

Dental Coverage in travel insurance

Dental Coverage in travel insurance

See its Extreme Common Problem. It can happen any time may be when you chewed something and it comes under your teeth “bah” can’t imagine.

Which may harm to your teeth now u have to visit a dental clinic anyhow and it mostly happened with Old People. Sometimes the dental pain comes because of weather It is important to check all the criteria’s in your policy if you are above 65, some companies are even happy with the age of 75 cant tell if prices may go higher. Those people who love to live as healthier as they can they do regular checkup in every 3 months (90 days), your insurer will take your report very seriously and it helps them to give you better plan as according to your current health or as your medical reports say, So before plan your Trip make sure your insurance policy Protect Your Teeth’s “loll”.

Tips: –Avoid chewing any hard/tough eatable thing and consult with your dentist before heading to your trip if you ever faced any dental problem before.



Lost/Stolen:  Photo by Jonathan Rados on Unsplash

People who go to travel a pretty long journey the first time they don’t really know about travel securities and safety, they are far away from the travel culture, but no matter Travel insurance is a full feature of financial safety with covers you if you lost/stolen your luggage or any expensive item like your passport which is a really important thing while you are on travelling. Always carry your passport with you. (Its really common thing, which happened with new travellers) and it happens during your connecting flight at that time people won’t get their luggage’s when they already reached their destination/home country. Some time you got robbed by someone this case is going to be really hard for you if you lost identity or you money as well, so in that time your insurance would give you a peace mind, you will guide on your every step you are safe on every moment all you need to do reach your country embassy or take help with local police officer, insurer will help you in many ways where you can imagine and gives you sudden relax so that your priceless holiday or your business trip won’t get ruined any more.

Tips: –Make sure which types of items are covered in the lost/stolen policy, like- Credit card, Debit card, Electronic items such as a laptop or your more useful thing.


Car Accident Insurance

car insurance

Car insurance

If you are driving in another country I advice you to buy a suitable add-on for your policy this add-on covers damages caused by your car accident, make sure buy a car rental insurance in your existing travel insurance plan so that you are safe while you driving in the foreign country.

Car rental Travel insurance removed all the stress for any Unexpected liabilities if you are an unfamiliar

Country but yes surely its depend on your insurance plans. Like if you hire a Car Rental and you hit somebody or you got hit by someone definitely comes in Legal Matter even if was minor/major may end up costing you more than you think and could Ruin your long holiday.

Tips: – Before getting the rental car make sure your car working properly and it is well equipped with all emergency equipment’s & Check your driving route carefully.


Delayed/Trip Cancelation:

Delayed Trip Cancelation

DelayedTrip Cancelation

Travel insurance helps you to reclaim Cancellation or rescheduled your flight or if you faced any Technical Issues from airlines this the most happing thing in travel if you have a Connecting Flight in a middle of your destination. In this case, you should really care full first of all you need to maintain at least 3 hours gap between your connecting flights. You are covered for travel accommodation expenses if you missed your flight because for a natural disaster, bad weather, hijacking, riots, even you allow getting benefits of your policy if you met with an accident with any (motor vehicle, bus, train) during or before you start travelling. In mechanical issues or overbooking, delays airlines will respond to give you compensate.

Tips: – Insurance company had very strict terms on this matter if you have a genuine reason and if your reason listed in their terms and condition then only you get the benefits.


Nature Disaster:



The natural disaster can occur anytime and sometimes with no warning but it gives a hard impact on your travel plan.

When we talk about types of a natural disaster it comes in several ways like Hurricanes, Tornado, Earthquake, Flood, Fire, Volcanic Eruption, Blizzard, or Avalanche. You are not covered in these disaster events.  If u are a victim of any natural disaster or you get harmed by these disaster events or financial loses or you delayed your trip more then numbers of hours, benefits will be payable in the form of your Additional Transport Or Unexpected Trip Expense’s In this case you need a travel insurance

Tips: – Check your destination forecast before you leaving your home country until you come back. Still, if you willing to travel in bad weather make sure choose the quality travel insurance plan.


Coverage In High-Risk Locations Insurance: –

Coverage In High-Risk LocationsInsurance company define High-risk for those drivers who had a bad driving history record and had one or accident in his/her record insurance company will take you very seriously, and they consider you as a high-risk motor driver. On another way, if you were in risky job profile then please do not compromise with your safety

This insurance is important for those who do High-Risk Field Job.

Like- Reporters. Photographers. Spy Agents or anyone who going to travel on Non-Safe Remote Countries. These kinds of job profile is going to be really tough when you’re Task/Operations is on High-risk location like Those people need to be really sure about their travel insurance facilities or insurance plans.

Emergency Evacuation Insurance

Emegency or evacuation-insurance

Emergencies evacuation or Repatriation Coverage provides you medically evacuation in medical terms with medical equipped helicopters or planes to return your home country, this policy covers you up to $5 million with an assistance of all medical expenses, this service comes in Medical insurance. This plan covers you in emergency evacuation and repatriation for who travel for business purpose or for a frequent traveller. Repatriation coverage means if a traveller is no more for any reason the insurance company will handle all the arrangements, you going to be really costly to your family if you died in another country, its easier to travel alive then a dead body.  Make sure look at the covered reason listed on a Policy Document or you can straight dial customer care helpline and ask for any queries that you have.

Tips: – If you are not friendly with changing weather or atmosphere then definitely to need to discuss for Emergencies evacuation with your insurer.



Group Insurance: 

 Group- insuranceThis plan secures a large number of travellers.You can get all kinds of Medical Benefits in Group Insurance. Your travel insurer will pay all the cost of your travel accommodation if your trip in interrupted (Flight Delayed or Because of Weather) or missed connection coverage. You will get assistance from an insurer if you lost your Passport some of the insurance companies taking responsibility If your lost your credit cards or stolen your money. You have to be ensuring about your policy covers your passport means if you lose that so the insurance company will help you to get a new passport as soon as possible. Group insurance pays for the loss of your luggage or delayed luggage but only after losing 24 hours. The most important thing is less expensive than an individual travel insurance. Absolutely hassle free with less paperwork.

Tips:- Read and understand carefully all the terms in your policy. And share all the useful information with your travel buddies.


 Multiple Trip Insurance: –


You must have a domestic health insurance from your country and you have to be maintained your major health policy. If you are a frequent traveller or do so many trips throughout the year for any purpose. Off course it is the most expensive plan you going to choose, but no matter for those who love travels on their vacation, for “Retired Healthy People” who want to spend time on travelling around the world. Comes with different plans “Individual plan” “Family plan” “Senior citizen Plan”. Check your policy terms sometimes this insurance is only applicable for the limited time of stay like 30-45 Days only but you can moderate your plan if you’re going to stay longer then this limited period. Make sure speak with your insurer and tell them if you running with any medical treatment/consultations or you travelling to Europe (Schengen). On another way multiple trip plan saves lot money then you think. For useful cheap plans, you can straight click here

Tips:- Before buying an Insurance Make sure you have a valid visa of your destination country.


Student Travel Insurance: –


Going abroad for further studies means need strong Financial Backup And a Strong Protection for any unexpected situation. Student travel insurance assures you don’t have to bear any Emergency Expenses. It helps you to get full hospitalization and medical treatment. It helps you if stuck any Legal Situation it covers the bail amount in case you get Arrested or detention by local police Which is really important if you are on a Student Visa. If the student won’t get his/her accommodation student travel insurance allow you to get emergency accommodation for some specific time. Travel insurance refuses you to pay if you trying to do suicide and you badly hurt then you are responsible to pay for you’re all medical expenses.

Tips:- Check all these benefits which I wrote above and the duration of your travel insurance policy before you pay.


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