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SSC CGL solved questions in general awareness

We are giving some important questions with answers of GENERAL AWARENESS asked in Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) for Data Operators and Lower Division Clerks exam of 2014. These all questions will very helpful to you for …

List of most important abbreviation

  • A. C. — Air Conditioned
  • A. S. M. — Assistant Station Master
  • a. m. — Ante meridian
  • p. m. — Post meridian
  • B. A. — Bachelor of Arts
  • M. A. — Master of Arts
  • B. Sc.

Latest current affair

  • UNFCCC, MSSRF to work for conservation of coastal resources of Andhra Pradesh.
  • DJB commissioned 1st ever Hydro-power plant at Chilla.
  • Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara retired from International Cricket.
  • Bandhan Financial Services started operations as Scheduled Commercial Bank.
  • Indian Air

Important laws and their Scientists

These are some important laws may be ask in government exam.

  • Gravitational Law, Law of motion- Newton
  • Theory of an Atom- Dalton
  • Theory of relativity – A. Einstein
  • Discovery of X-ray- WC Rontgen
  • Principle of leaver, Relative Density – Archimedes

Be ready for the Forthcoming Competitive Exams 2015

Here is some list of the reputed exam coming on the year 2015 be ready for the exam and get updated with by just subscribing your mail id.

● Reserve Bank of India Assistant Exam. (August 16)
● SSC …

mostly asked general question asked in government exam

  • Why does a man inside an artificial satellite feels weightlessness? – Because the force of attraction due to earth is zero at that earth is
  • What is the Branch of biology in which we study about relationship between living and

LIst of first woman in India frequently asked in government exam

Here is the list of the first women or women personality which done some particular achievement in the Indian history, which may be ask in government exam. Go through the list below.

  •  Prime-Minister—Indira Gandhi
  • Chief Minister—Sucheta Kriplani
  • Winner