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General Knowledge Question Answer for NDA Exam 2018

List of Most Important Questions For NDA

  1. The Apex institution for financing exports and imports is Export-Import Bank

  2. As per the latest data for 2009-2010 (revised estimates), the per capita income in India stands at

    1. 44,354

  3. The number of Finance Commission set up to now is: 13

  4. JawaharRozgarYojana (JRY)was started on April 1, 1989

  5. In April 1980, how many banks were nationalized? Six Banks

  6. How many Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) are working in the country? 96

  7. With the objective to lessen the burden of parents in meeting the educational expenses of their children, the scheme which was launched on December 31, 2001, was :

    1. ShikshaSahayogYojana

  8. The year 2007 was declared as the: The year of Cleanliness

  9. The State Bank of India recently launched a scheme to provide better services/facilities to its customers and to attract more and more new customers. The scheme is named: Parivartan

  10. The first energy exchange named as Indian Energy Exchange (IEx)started its working with effect from :

    1. June 27, 2008

  11. R. Rastogi Panel is associated with Review of Service Tax Issues 


  1. Kaziranga is known for                                                                                             One-horned Rhinos

  2. The only land-locked country in South-East Asia in Laos

  3. The largest industry in India is Textile industry

  4. The central Building Research Centre is located at Roorkee

  5. Which place of India is known as Queen of the Arabian Sea?                         Kochi

  6. The most urbanized state in India in Maharashtra

  7. Bermuda triangle lies in North Atlantic Ocean

  8. The aggregate of processes that determine the size and composition of any population is known as

    1. Population explosion

  9. Plant and animals living in a particular area constitute? Biomass

  10. Which forests have maximum diversity? Tropical forests

  11. The planet which has maximum number of satellites is: Jupiter

  12. Which planet is known as the sister of the earth ? Venus

  13. The study of universe is called: Cosmology

  14. The Large natural ecosystem comprised of abiotic (land, air, water, and solid of the concerned habitat ) and biotic ( plant, animals, and micro-organisms ) is called : Biome

  15. Browne Waterfalls are situated in: New Zealand

  16. The highest glacial lake of India located at the height of 17,145 feet in Garhwal Himalaya is: Devtal

  17. Project Tiger, one of the premier conservation efforts in the country was launched on : April 1, 1973

  18. Tilaiya Dam , Konar Dam, Maithon Dam and Panchet Hill Dam have been constructed under :

    1. The Damodar Valley Project

  19. Tungabhadra Multipurpose Project is a joint undertaking of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

  20. In 1990 India ratified the World Heritage Convention of 1977 identifying four natural sites of outstanding universal value namely :

    1. Kaziranga National Park (Assam) , Keoladeo National Park (Rajasthan), Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve (West Bengal) and Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve (Uttarakhand)

  21. Diu is an island of Gujarat

  22. Which is a landlocked sea? Aral Sea

  23. Shivasamudram Falls is found in the course of river Cauvery

  24. The Sardar Sarovar Dam is associated with Narmada River

  25. Troposphere is the hottest part of the atmosphere because It is heated by the Earth’s Surface

  26. The outermost layer of the sun is called Corona

  27. For what is the Manas sanctuary in Assam Known? Elephants

  28. Mana Pass is located in Uttarakhand

  29. Moon is a Satellite

  30. Black Soil is very suitable for growing Cotton

  31. The largest state of India (area wise) is: Rajasthan

  32. Hyderabad (in Andhra Pradesh) is located on the bank: Musi River

  33. The river Cauvery rises on the Western edge of                                              The Western Ghats (in the Brahmagiri Hills)

  34. Ankleshwar Basin (offshore) oilfield is located in Gujarat

  35. India is divided into: Eight postal zones

  36. Rail Coach Factory is located in Kapurthala (Punjab)

  37. India’s first Atomic Power Plant is: Taraput (Mumbai ) established in 1969

  38. Where is the volcanic mountain Mt. St. Helens situated? The United States of America

  39. Temperate grasslands of Eurasia are called: Steppe

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