Top 50 Geography general knowledge questions and answers

Indian geography general knowledge questions answers

Indian geography general knowledge questions answers

Indian Geography -General knowledge questions and answers-for all competitive exams-MBA entrance,Bank exams, RRB – Railway Recruitment Board Exam, SSC exam, IBPS exam etc.These Indian Geography GK questions have been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask again for competitive exams.

  1. Ken –Betwa Link Project which will enable diversion of surplus water pertains to : — UP and MP
  2. The capital of Senegal is : —Dakar
  3. Sikkim has international border with : —Bhutan , Nepal and China
  4. Which is geographically the samallest state in India ? —Goa
  5. In India , Diesel Locomotive Engines are designed at : — Varanasi
  6. In which state is the National Institute of Oceanography located ? — Goa
  7. Which is the top country in cotton production ? — China
  8. The Black Forests are found in : — Germany
  9. Corbett National Park is in : — Uttarakhand
  10. The length of its day and the tilt of is exis are almost identical to place of the earth. This is true of:    —Mars
  11. The colour of a star is an indication of its: —Temperature
  12. Which port is known as the ‘Coffee port’ of the world :     —Santos
  13. The ozone lyer lies in the : —Startosphere
  14. The limit beyond which stars suffer internal collapse is called : —Chandrashekhar  limit
  15. The leading producer of copper in the world is: —S.A.
  16. Which south Indian river thrice forks into two streams and reunites a few miles farther on ,thus forming the Islands of Srirangapattanam ,Sivasamudram and Srirangam? —Cauvery
  17. The Palk strait lies between: —Gulf of Mannar and the Bay of Bengal
  18. Tulbul project is associated with the river : —Jhelum
  19. Where is the headquarters of South Eastern Coalfields Ltd.(SECL)? —Bilaspur
  20. The doldrums are located between :     —5 N to 5 S latitudes
  21. Tropopause is found between : —Troposphere and Stratosphere
  22. Inversion of Temperature denotes : —Increase  of temperature with hight
  23. Sao Paulo is famous for the production of :     —Coffee
  24. Aswan dam has been built across  river:   —Nile
  25. The port  located at the two ends of the Suez Canal are :     —Port said and Suez
  26. The Pamban island is located between : —India and Sri Lanka
  27. The highest peak of Sahyadris is :       —Anaimudi
  28. The largest tributary of the Indus river is :   — Sutlej
  29. Willy-Willy are the tropical cyclones occurring in : — Coast of North-West Australia
  30. The day on which the sun is nearest to the earth, the earth is said to be in : — Perihilion
  31. On which day do the spring tides occur ? —On new moon and full moon
  32. Name the planet whose position in terms of distance from the sun keeps changing — Neptune
  33. The Shivaliks stretch between : —Potwar basin and Teesta
  34. Where is Maikal Range situated ? — Chattisgarh
  35. Which river forms its delta in Orissa ? —Mahanadi
  36. Which countries are separated by the Durand Line ? —India and Afghanistan
  37. The boundary between Poland and Germany is called : —Hindenberg Line
  38. Philadelphia is well known for : —Locomotives
  39. Baku is famous for : — Petroleum
  40. Light from the nearest star reaches the earth is about : —3 years
  1. Which comet appears every 76 years ? —Hailey’s comet
  2. What does the term ‘lithosphere’ refer to ? —Crust of the earth
  3. The rocks in the Himalayan system are mainly : —Sedimentary
  4. Corbett National Park is in : —Uttarakhand
  5. Which is known as the home of the Asiatic lion ? —Gir National Park
  6. Silent Valley is located in the state of : —Kerala
  7. Tokyo is situated at longitude 140 Eand Karachi is situated at longitude 70 E. Local time at Karachi will be : —4 hours 40 minutes behind that of Tokyo
  1. The Ports situated at the two ends of the Suez canal are : —Port Said and Suez
  2. In which ocean is the Great BarrierReef situated? —In Pacifice Ocean

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