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Important tips to Prepare for Board Examination | Useful Steps for Board Exam Preparation

By Siksha Raturi | Exam Tips | Dec 10, 2017

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Board Exam

From now, the board examinations are not too far. That’s why all the students who are entering the board exams are studying hard these days to finish their syllabus. All are aware that the board exam is a challenge in the student’s life. It sometimes turns into a nightmare for some students. They study about 15 to 16 hour in a day to prepare for the exams learning the whole syllabus. We all know that the Board Examination plays a major role in shaping the future of any student. So it is necessary for all of them to score best in the exam. But that doesn’t mean that student needs long study and feel such instance exam pressure. We are just realizing the students who are waiting for the board exams that studying long in a day will not help them in achieving good marks. Furthermore, your concentration and awareness about the concerned subject help you to attain the good score in an exam. The Strategies to prepare themselves accordingly the exam also results in successful accomplishment. So, here we are giving some useful tips to prepare effectively and secure commendable position in the board examination.

Important Tips to Study effectively for the board examination

  1. Syllabus & Exam Pattern for Board Exam

First of all, students need to check the Board exam syllabus & pattern concerning the related board. Get the ideas of useful topics having the highest marks and start focusing on those topics. Avoid studying the extra and additional things. By these, students can save their valuable time to concentrate on more important topics & score highest in the exam

  1. Prepare to make the notes

The note making is a very effective method or tip to Prepare for the Board exam. Writing down the major & important topics makes them remember about the topics they studied a long time ago. Also, highlight the matters which you feel is vital for the board exam.

  1. Plan according to the time schedule

Try to give the required time for the subjects who wish to study in a day. Plan your time according to syllabus and immenseness of the chapters and then start preparing for the exam. It will help you to complete your syllabus in a particular time and just some time left you can revise the whole according to the time management & can save your precious time.

  1. Solve Board Exam Previous Year Question Papers

We suggest the students solve the last 5 years Question papers to collect the basic idea about the format of the exam. Practicing Previous Papers of Board Exam will help you to enhance your solving skill. Furthermore, the questions in the previous papers sometimes get repeated. Try to solve the Past Papers in the limited time of the Board Exam to prepare you better for the Board Exam.

  1. For Once, Study in a Group

Group Study is a very useful tip for the students preparing for the board examination. Studying in a group and sharing the ideas and concepts with your friends will prove very beneficial for your knowledge. If you find any topic hard you can discuss in a group. It proves as a better study technique because it’s a fact that we always remind the things what we have discussed or talk about. Those things we are finding hard, they make them easier for you and fix your problem. By discussing with your friend’s group you will feel light and get some fun along with the benefit of learning rather than wasting the moment.

With these few examination tips, you can prepare boldly for the upcoming board exams. Understand the importance of time and learning concept so that you can surely face the board exam without any hesitation and can secure maximum marks.

Lastly, we want to say that Study Hard, Prepare well & wishes Best of Luck for all students for their Board Examination.


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