Most Important Indian History GK question answers for Group C

Indian History GK Question and Answer

Indian History General Knowledge Question and Answers

  1. Purushasukta is found in the :— Rig Veda
  2. Mohenjadaro is situated : — Sind province of Pakistan
  3. Banabhatta lived in the court of :  — Harshvardhana
  4. The tri –ratnas were stressed by : — Mahadev
  5. Which ruler of Magadh was contemproray of Buddha ? —Bimbisara
  6. The iqta system was introduced by: —Iltutmish
  7. Which king of the Slave dynasty breathed his last as the result of fall from his horse by playing polo at Lahore ? —Qutub- ud – din Aibak
  8. The treaty of Bassein was signed by the English with : —Peshwa
  9. The famous work of Grammer in Tamil ‘Tolakappiyam’ is written by: — Tolakappiyar
  10. Mahavir received ‘Kevalya’ at the bank of river: —Riju Palika
  11. The work of ‘Devichandra Guptam’ is related to: — Chandragupta  2
  12. Under whose reign did Timur invade India? —Mahmud Shah
  13. What was the main subject matter of Mughal painting?  —Court life Nature life
  14. In whose leadership did the Marathas capture Delhi in 1760 —Sadashiv Rao Bhau
  15. About which Maratha ruler is it said From Krishna to Attack the Maratha flag shall fly ? —Baji Rao -1
  16. Who was the first Muslim ruler to consider his kingdom as a part of Darul Islam? —Iltutmish
  17. Which action of Dalhousie is conside as his worst political blunder? —Annexation of Oudh
  18. The Archaeological Survey of India was established during the period of : —Lord Curzon
  19. The people of Indus Valley Civilization worshipped : — Pashupati
  20. Indus Valley Civilization was spread over : —Punjab,Sind,Rajasthan and Gujarat
  21. Paintings of the Ajantas depicts stories of the : — Jatakas
  22. Rajtarangini written by Kathan is a : — History of Kashmir
  23. Which ruler of Magadh was a contemporary of Buddha? — Bimbisara
  24. The capital of the Haryanka King Bimbisara was : — Rajgriha
  25. Which of the contemporary Muslim writers criticized Alauddin for his disregard of religion ? — Barani
  26. The last Which king of slave dynasty was an expert calligraphist and spent his leisure time in copying the Quran ?  —Nasir-ud –din
  27. Nawab of Awadh was :     — Wajid Ali Shah
  28. On February 20, 1947 Prime Minister Attlee announced the British Government’s decision to withdraw from India latest by :—June ,1948
  29. Which main Harappan sites are not in India ? —Mohenjodaro and Harappa
  30. The local name of Mohenjodaro is : —Mounds of the Dead
  31. The saka era began in the year : —78 A.D.
  32. Who founded four ‘mathas’ in the four concers of India ? —Shankaracharya
  33. Megasthenes visited India during the reign of :  —Chandragupta Maurya
  34. The title of ‘Vikramaditya’ was assumed by : —Chandragupta 2
  35. Ashokan inscriptions were deciphered in 1837 by : —prinesep
  36. ‘Milindapanho’ is a: —Religious Conversation
  37. Which sultan of Delhi broug Ashok’s pillar to Delhi ? —Firoz Shah Tughlaq
  38. The treaty of Bassien was sign by the English with the : —Peshwa
  39. The Saka era was started by : —Kanishka
  40. The great granary of the Harappan civilization has been found at : —Harappa
  41. Who were the immediate successors of  Mauryas in Magadha ?  —Sungas
  42. Who was the first Indian ruler to face the invasions of Ghazni ? —The Hindu Shahi King Jaipal
  43. Under which policy was the state of Jhansi made a part of the British empire in India ?    —Under Doctrine of Lapse
  44. Who was the Governor-General when 1857 revolt broke out ? —Lord Canning
  45. The famous rock-cut temples at Elephanta are ascribed to: —The Rastrakutas
  46. Harshavardhan was defeated by: —Pulakesin 2 of the Chulakya Dynasty
  47. The dramatist Bhasa in his play ‘Swapnavasavadattahas immortalized the love affair between Udayan,the king of Vatsa and Vasavadatta,the princess of: — Avanti
  48. Kanishka’s capital was at Purushpura. Which other city in his kingdom has a status almost of a second capital?  — Mathura
  49. Which of the Gupta rulers was a proficient musician and is depicted on his coins playing the ‘Veena’? —Samudragupta
  50. What title was given to Prince Khurram by Jahangir to reward him for his capture of Ahmadnagar in 1616 ? —Shahjahan
  51. The most important kingdom in Decean and Central after the Mauryas was that of : —Satavahanas
  52. After thedeclineof the Guptas,a large part of North India was reunited by : —Harshavardhana
  53. Harsh moved his capital : —From Thanesvar to Kannauj
  54. The last Nawab of Avadh was —Wajid Ali Shah
  55. Only three Vedas were considered canonical .The exception was : —Atharva Veda
  56. In the third battle of Panipat who were defeated by whom ? —The Marathas were defeated by  the Afghanas
  57. The Indian Civil Service was introduced during them rule of : —Cornwallis
  58. Which party was in power in UK when India became independent ? —The Labour Party

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