[ JKSSB ] Top 50 GK questions in Jammu and Kashmir 2019

By Vikash Suyal | General knowledge | Jan 17, 2019
Here the 50 most important and frequently asked GK questions for JKSSB exam. People who are looking for current affairs for JKSSB must read these questions.

Q 1: Who is the first chief minister of J&K?

Answer: Ghulam Mohammed Sadiq

Q2: Apple town of J&K?

Answer: Sopore

 Q3: Which article gives special rights in Indian Constitution for the state?

Answer: Article 370

 Q4: What is the total districts in J&K?


 Q5: J&K is known for which flower?

Answer: Lotus

 Q6: Which is the largest district in J&K?

Answer: Leh

 Q7: Which year the constitution for the state implemented?


 Q8: Which is the summer capital of J&k?

Answer: Srinagar

 Q9: Which is the winter capital of J&k?

Answer: Jammu

 Q10:  Longest river in J&K?

Answer: Chenab.

 Q11: Which is the only lake in Bandipora district?

Answer: Wular lake

 Q12: Who built the beautiful Shalimar bagh?

Answer: Jahangir.


Q13:  When was the Kargil war fought?

Answer: 1999


Q13: How many Rajya sabha seats J&K has?

Answer: 4

Q14: When was the first Railway line built in J&K?

Answer: 1897

 Q15: Where was the first Railway line built in J&K?

Answer: Sialkot

 Q16: What is the local language of J&K?

Answer: Kashmiri

 Q17: What is the other local language of J&K?

Answer: Dogri

 Q18: Where is very popular Vaishno Devi?

Answer: Katra

 Q19:Where is Jhelum river in J&K?

Answer: Srinagar


Q20: How many national parks are there in J&K?



Q21: What is the total number of districts in J&k?



Q22: Who is the current Governor in J&K?

Answer: Narinder nath Vohra


Q23: Which  country is the East side of Jammu and Kashmir?

Answer: Bhutan


Q24: Which  country is the West side of Jammu and Kashmir?

Answer: Pakistan


Q25: What is the term for LA in J&K?

Answer: Six years


Q26: Which the most popular bagh is J&K?

Answer: Shalimar Bagh


Q27: When was the Shalimar bagh built?



Q28: What is the favourite food in J&K?


Answer: Rajma


Q29: What is the major city in J&k?

Answer: Gulmarg


Q30: Which is the most populous city of J&K?

Answer: Srinagar


Q31: Who was the last ruling king of Jammu and Kashmir region?

Answer: Hari singh


Q32: Which year Shiek Abdullah died?



Q33: How many districts are there in Jammu and Kashmir?


 Q34: What Fruit is Famous in J&K?

Answer: Apple

Q35: Jammu and Kashmir is also famous for which sports product?

Answer: Cricket – Willow for bats.

Q36: Which is the other popular lake in J&K?

Answer: Anchar Lake

 Q37: Which is the famous river flowing through Jammu

Answer: Tawi river.

 Q38: Kashmir valley is located in which mountain range?

Answer: Himadri

 Q39: Which animal is famous in Hemis National Park?

Answer: Snow leopard.

 Q40: Which is the prominent language in Jammu?

Answer: Dogri.

 Q41: What is also called as the city of Temples in India?

Answer: Jammu

 Q42: Which is the biggest State university in J&K?

Answer: Kashmir State University.

 Q43: Who is the famous singer from Kashmir valley?

Answer: Kailash kher.

 Q44: Which is the official language of Jammu and Kashmir?

Answer: Urdu

 Q45: What food item Katra is famous for?

Answer: Dry fruits

 Q46: Who took the region from British?

Answer: Gulab singh.

 Q47: Who was the chief minister in 1983 for the state of J&K?

Answer: Farooq Abdullah.

 Q48: Who was involved in the signing of Instrument of Accession for the state?

Answer: Hari singh

 Q49: Who can own property in J&K?

Answer: Only native born people.

 Q50: What is the total area of Jammu and Kashmir?

Answer: 222,236 sq.km

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