Latest Important Online CCC Question Answer 2020

By ankit | General knowledge | Mar 03, 2020
Preparing for CCC Exam here are the top 25 MCQ Questions and Answers.
I am providing you top 25 most important Questions with Answers. For government ccc exam questions and answers Educationmasters is providing a 25 question and answers series for ccc exam lets start without wasting any time.

Here are my top 25 questions and answers lets crack CCC 2020

Important Questions with Answers FOR CCC  Exam 2020, Latest Important Online CCC Question Answer 2020, CCC, MCQ Questions for Government Exam.

  1. Who are the inventors of computers?

 (A) von Neumann

 (B) JS Kilby

 (C) Charles Babbage

 (D) None of these

  1. What was the first computer name?





  1. When was the principal revelation of present-day PCs?

 (A) 1949

 (B) 1951

 (C) 1946

 (D) 1947

  1. When did the extraordinary unrest in the PC field come?

 (A) 1977

 (B) 2000

 (C) 1955

 (D) 1960

  1. What is the English name of a PC?

 (A) calculator

 (B) Computer

(C) Accountant

(D) Enumerator 

  1. When is Computer Literacy Day celebrated?

 (A) 5 December

 (B) 14 December

 (C) 22 December

 (D) 2 December

  1. What is the full form of CPU?

 (A) Central Processing Unit

 (B) Central Problem Unit

 (C) Central Processing Union

 (D) None of these

  1. Which of the following is not a search engine?

 (A) Google

 (B) Yahoo

 (C) Baidu

 (D) Wolfram Alpha

  1. Which of the following is an input unit?

 (A) Mouse

 (B) keyboard

 (C) Scanner

 (D) All of these

  1. How many bytes are 1 kilobyte (KB)?

 (A) 1024 bytes

 (B) 1024 megabytes

 (C) 1024 gigabytes

 (D) None of these

 CCC Exam online Questions with answers for Government exam 2020

  1. How many bytes are 1 megabyte (MB)?

 (A) 1024 KB

 (B) 1024 MB

 (C) 1024 GB

 (D) 1024 TB

  1. How many bytes are 1 gigabyte (GB)?

 (A) 1024 KB

 (B) 1024 MB

 (C) 1024 GB

 (D) 1024 TB

  1. IC chips used in computers are made?

(A) Chromium

(B) iron oxide

(C) silver

 (D) silicon 

  1. What is the correct detailed form of the term HTTP in Internet Address?

 (A) higher text transfer protocol

 (B) higher transfer tex protocol

 (C) hybrid text transfer protocol

 (D) hypertext transfer protocol

  1. Which language is often used by children in a computer program?

(A) Basic

 (B) Java

 (C) logo

 (D) Pilot

  1. What is a portable, personal computer that is small enough to hold in your lap?

 (A) Mainframe Computer

 (B) notebook computer

 (C) Workstation

 (D) P.D.A.

  1. Assembler is a program, which of the following is a modification of a program?

 (A) Machine to low level

(B) Low-level to high-level

 (C) High-level assembling

 (D) from assembling to machine

  1. Does multiprocessing take place?

(A) by a processor

(B) by more than one processor

(C) without any processor

(D) None of these

  1. Which of the following is optical memory?

 (A) Bubble Memories

 (B) floppy disk


 (D) Core Memories

  1. Which are the control, memory and third units in the CPU?

 (A) Micro

 (B) processor

 (C) output

 (D) econometric / logic

Top Most 25 Questions with Answers for CCC Exam

  1. CPU's ALU consists of?

 (A) RAM space

 (B) Register

 (C) byte space

 (D) All of these

  1. Which part of a computer is used for calculation and comparison?

 (A) Disk Unit

 (B) Modem

 (C) ALU

 (D) Control Unit

  1. A hardware device that converts data to full information?

 (A) processor

 (B) input device

 (C) program

 (D) Protector 

  1. Does the processor have three main parts?

 (A) ALU, Control Unit and RAM

 (B) ALU, Control Unit and Register

 (C) Cash, control unit and register

 (D) None of these

  1. Who controls the development of signs among CPU and I/O?

 (A) Control Unit

 (B) ALU

 (C) memory unit

 (D) None of these


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