Most Important National and International Days in Month of August 2018

list of national and international days in august 2018

Hello friends, today we are sharing the complete list of Important days in month of August 2018. This list is very important in competitive exam like IBPS, SBI, RBI and other competitive exam. You can see that in Banking exam many questions are asked from this important national and international days. So, this complete list helps you to learn the important days in month of august 2018. If we miss the important date then you can also have mentioned the date and the important day in the comment section given below.

 Important Days in August

  1. 1 August: World Breast Day for Newborns
  2. 2 August: Friends Day, Dadra and Nagar Haveli Mukti Divas
  3. 3 August: Heart transplantation day
  4. 6 August: Hiroshima Day
  5. 7 August: Friendship Day
  6. 9 August: Nagasaki Day
  7. 12 August: Interstate day
  8. 14 August: World Youth Day
  9. 15 August: Independence day
  10. 19 August: World photography day
  11. 16 August: Pondicherry Merger Day
  12. 20 August: Goodwill day
  13. 24 August: Kolkata year knot day
  14. 29 August: Waste Sports Day
  15. 30 August: Small business day

Important National Days in August

  1. 1 August: Switzerland (installation day)
  2. 3 August: Niger (Independence Day)
  3. 5 August: Upper Volta (Independence Day)
  4. 6 August: Bolivia (Independence Day)
  5. 7 August: Ivory Coast (Independence Day)
  6. 1 August: Singapore (Independence Day)
  7. 9 August: Chad (Independence Day)
  8. 11 August: Switzerland (independence day)
  9. 13 August: Central African Republic (Independence Day)
  10. 14 August: Bahrain (Independence Day)
  11. 15 August: India (Independence Day)
  12. 16 August: Cyprus (Independence Day)
  13. 17 August: Gabon (Independence Day)
  14. 18 August: Afghanistan (Independence Day)
  15. 22 August: Senegal (Independence Day)
  16. 23 August: Romania (Salvation Day)
  17. 25 August: Uruguay (National Day)
  18. 26 August: Namibia Day
  19. 26 August : Malaysia (Independence Day)
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