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NDA 2017 General Ability test Question paper with solution

NDA General Ability Question Paper 2017

Download GK (General Knowledge) question answer for NDA Exam 2017 – 2018 shared by Ground Zero Institute Dehradun.

  1. Which Five Year Plan has achieved its growth targets ? 8th plan

  2. Capital Output Ratio of a commodity measures The amount of capital inverted per unit of output

  3. When did India start its first five year plan 1951

  4. The Ex-Officio Secretary of National Development Council is : Secretary of Planning Commission

  5. Targeted power capacity addition for 11th plan perid (20067-2012)is : 66463 Megawatt

  6. Tarapore Committee submittedits report on Full Convertibility on Rupee in : Capital Account

  7. Narsimham Committee (Second) constituted in 1997 and which submitted its report on April 23, 1998 was realted to :

    1. Banking Reforms

  8. In order to check casualities in industrial units, to reduce the incidents of dangers and to promote the awareness for safety among labourers , National Safety Council was established in : 1966

  9. Consumer Protection Act(COPRA) was passed in : 1986

  10. The centrally sponsored scheme of Infrastruture Development Mega Cities in operation from 1993-94 applies to the five mega cities namely : Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore

  11. The largest producer of Coffee in the country is : Karnataka

  12. Pradhan Mantri Gram SadakYojana was launched on : December 25 , 2000

  13. The RashtriyaMadhyamikShikshaAbhiyan (RMSA) aims at ensuring universal access to secondary level education by :

    1. The year 2017

  14. The National Food for Work Programme was launched in : November 2004 in 150 most backward district of the country

  15. Based on the European Banking system the first bank in India was started in India :

    1. At Calcutta in 1770 named ‘Hindustan Bank’

  16. In the country, which state is on the top in present in newly developed Education Development Index ?

    1. Kerala

  17. Which bank has becomes the first registrar for Unique Identification Authority of India for collecting both demographic and biometric informatios of the bank’s account holders ?                                      State Bank of India

  18. Who won the Ernst ad Young Entrepreneur of the year Award 2009 ? Tata Communication Limited

  19. In Global Hunger Index (GHI) India has been ranked at : 96th place among 119 developing countries

  20. The important gold field in the country are :

    1. Kolar Gold Field (Kolar district) and Hutti Gold Field (Raichur district Karnataka) and Ramgiri Gold Field (in Anantpur district Andhra Pradesh )

  21. The only tungsten producing mine in the country is : Degana (Rajasthan)

  22. In coal production, India ranks in the world : Third (after China and America)

  23. Which day has been decided to be observed as Income Tax Day ?

    1. July 24

  24. Reserve Bank of India will soon release Plastic Notes in circulation. The first series to be circulated will be of

    1. Rs 10 Notes

  25. Prime Minister Economic Advisory Outlook 2010-2011 has forecast growth rate for Indian Economy for the year 2011-2012 at : 9%

  26. Indo-Israel Chamber of Commerce has honoured as Businessman of the Deade ?

    1. Ratan Tata

  27. Who has been honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award 2010 of Indian Chember of Commerce ?

    1. P. Goenka

  28. Where was first gold refinery established ? Shirpur (Maharashtra)

  29. The Finance Commission of India is constituted under the provision of : Article 280 of the Constitution

  30. Green Banking Channel has been launched by : State Bank of India

  31. Which state of India ranks first in milk production as per the data of the year 2009-2010 ?

    1. Uttar Pradesh

  32. During Eighth Five Year Plan (1922-97) the country registered Gross Domestic Product rate :

    1. At 6.7%

  33. The first fully Indian Bank is : Punjab National Bank

  34. The total number of national highways in the country is : 220

  35. India state with highest road length is : Maharashtra

  36. The Finance Commision of India is appointed by the President under : Article 280

  37. Unit trust of India (UTI) was established in : 1964

  38. SEBI which was established in April 1988 stand for : Securities and Exchange Board of India

  39. Employment Assurance Scheme (EAS) was established in : October 1993

  40. As per the target of 11th Five year Plan (2007) Maternity Morality Rate (2012) has been targeted at :

    1. 1 per 1000 births

  41. During 2008-09 total Foreign Direct Investment stood at : $27.309 billion

  42. The main rubber producing state in the country is Kerala

  43. The Price Stabilisation Fund Scheme (PSFS) for tea, coffee, rubber and tobacco growers was launched in

    1. April 2003

  44. FEMA stands for Foreign Exchange Management Act

  45. Which year was declared as the year of Cleanliness ? Year 2007

  46. The Prime Minister of India is the ex-officio Chairman of The Planning Commission

  47. Which committee in February 2006 suggested to remove the subsidy being given to cookindas ?

    1. Rangrajan Committee

  48. In order to watch the fluctuations in the prices of land in various parts of the country, National Housing Bank (NHB) has introduced in July 2007 a mean index Residex

  49. The first energy exchange of India which started its working with effect from June 27, 2008 is

    1. Indian Energy Exchange (IEX)

  50. RBI (Reserve Bank of India) changed the name of Monetary and Credit Policy to

    1. Annual Policy Statement from May 2004

Other important NDA Exam GK Notes:

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