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Previous year NDA Exam General Knowledge Question Answer

Download previous year NDA Exam General Knowledge Question Answer which is shared by Ground Zero Defence Coaching Institute Dehradun.

Previous year NDA GK Question Answer

  1. The famous tennis star Stanislas Wawrinka is a national player of Switzerland

  2. Which country won the Asia Cup of Football in Doha in January 2011? Japan

  3. Sushil Kumar who won the Medal at London Olympic event is a famous Wrestling champion

  4. With which one of the following games is France’s Zinedine Zidane associated Football

  5. 2018 FIFA World Cup would be held in Russia

  6. Deuce is a term used in Lawn Tennis, Badminton , and Volleyball

  7. Who carried Indian Tricolour at Guangzhou Asian Games? Gagan Narang

  8. A Badminton player is supposed to know the meaning of the term Love

  9. Which country won the World Ice Hockey Championship 2012? Russia

  10. Deodhar Trophy is related to which sport? Cricket

  11. ‘The Colonel’ is the name of which Indian test cricketer? DilipVengsarkar

  12. GeetaPoghat, who on April 1, 2012, qualified for London Olympics 2012 belongs to Gymnastics

  13. Obaidullah Khan Cup is associated with:                                                                      Hockey

  14. ‘How I Play Golf’ is a biography of Tiger Woods

  15. Deuce, Drop, Let, Love all, Smash is the term associated with: Badminton

  16. The runner-up in US Women’s Singles title for 2010 was: Vera Zvonareva (of Russia )

  17. The New President of BCCI is N.Srinivasan

  18. Who clined Singapore Grand Prix in 2010? Fernando Alonso

  19. Which country clinched the Women Hockey World Cup in 2010? Argentina

  20. The India who emerged the World Wrestling Champion of the World I 2010 is: Sushil Kumar

  21. The Indian woman who emerged the World Boxing Champion in 2010 was: C. Mary Kom

  22. Ashok Kumar of India is well Known Player of                                                           Golf

  23. JwalaGutta and V. Doju are the famous players of Badminton

  24. Lin Dan who was declared Most Valuable Player in 16th Asiad Guangzhou belongs to China

  25. The youngest World Snooker Champion who won the final of ONGC-IBSF World Snooker Championship in Hyderabad in November 2009 was:

  26. Ng-On Yee

  27. Boris Gelfand is associated with: Chess

  28. Agha Khan Cup is associated with: Hockey (Western India)

  29. Bully, Carry. Corner, Dribble, Hat-trick, Off-side are the terms associated with: Hockey

  30. The playground of wrestling is called: Arena

  31. Fuwa was the official mascot of Beijing Olympics 2008

  32. Brooklyn (USA) is a place associated with: Baseball

  33. The number of players in Water Polo is: 7

  34. Two new disciplines have been added to the Commonwealth Games 2010 being hosted in New Delhi. What are they?

  35. Tennis and Archery

  36. At the first Asiad in Delhi in 1951 which team did India defeat to clinch football gold? Iran

  37. The first Indian woman to get an Olympic medal is: KarnamMalleshwar

  38. Jenson Button is a famous: Formula One Race Drive

  39. K.P. Salve Trophy is associated with: Cricket

  40. The player Rashid Khan is associated with Golf

  41. The word ‘Jumpball’ is associated with: Basketball

  42. Who was the first Test Centurian in Indian Cricket?                                                  Lala Amarnath

  43. Dhyanchand Award is given for excellence in the field of Sports

  44. Usain Bolt belongs to Jamaica

  45. The number of players in Water Polo is:                                                                      Seven

  46. IbhraimRahimatollah Challenge Cup is associated with: Badminton

  47. Guru Nanak Cup is associated with: Hockey

  48. Short, Stop, Strike, Hitter, Infield are the terms associated with: Baseball

  49. Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai is famous for Cricket

  50. The National game of USA is: Baseball

  51. ‘Child of Change’ is the autobiography of Gary Kasparov

  52. The First President of Indian Olympic Association was: Sir Dorabji Tata

  53. For the first time in country’s hockey history India won in 2001:

  54. The Junior Worldcup of Hockey at Hobart (Australia)

  55. The First Asian Games were held in New Delhi

  56. The number of players in football/ soccer is 11

  57. Table Tennis is the National Sport of China

  58. Wimbledon in England is associated with Tennis

  59. The terms blocking, booster, doubling heave, holding, love are associated with

  60. Volleyball

  61. AmritDiwan Cup is associated with Badminton

  62. Davis cup is associated with Lawn Tennis

  63. ‘Sunny Days’ is the autobiography of Sunil Manohar Gavaskar

  64. The two cricket players who finished as the joint leading wicket-takers in 2011 ICC World Cup are

  65. Zaheer Khan and Shahid Afridi (with both taking 21 wickets each )

  66. The cricket player who finished as the leading run-getter in 2011 ICC World Cup is

  67. TilakratneDilshan

  68. In 2011 ICC World Cup, the team which posted highest team total with a score of 370 after defeating Bangladesh is

  69. India

  70. How many players play in volleyball? Six players

  71. The national sport of France is; Football

  72. How many squares are there in Chess Board? 64 squares

  73. Bogey, Put, Best ball Foursome are the terms associated with Golf

  74. Hopman Cup is associated with Tennis

  75. ‘All Round View’ is autobiography of                                                                           Cricketer Imran Khan

  76. The motto of Olympic Games is: Citius , Attius, Fortius(Faster, Higher, Stronger)

  77. Davis Cups is associated with Lawn Tennis

  78. The Best Athlete Award in XIX Commonwealth Games in New Delhi was bagged by :

  79. Grecia Smith of Jamaica

  80. The number of gold medal India won in XIX Commonwealth Games in New Delhi was: 38


  82. The Chief guest on Republic Day this year in India was :

    1. Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

  83. The Southern region of which of the African countries recently voted overwhelmingly for secession?

    1. Sudan

  84. The Chenghu-20 is the Stealth Jet Fighter of China

  85. The Winner of Australian Open (Men’s Single) Tennis Championship 2011 is :

    1. Novak Djokovic

  86. The Indian Nuclear Society’s Homi Bhabha Lifetime Achievement Award for 2009 has been conferred on :

    1. Anil Kakodkar

  87. The fifth Economic Census was held in The year 2005

  88. The universal blood Games 2010 were hosted by Blood Group ‘o’

  89. The 16th Asian Games 2010 were hosted by Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, and Shanwei (China )

  90. ‘Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia’ was  the vision of                                                16th  Asian Games 2010

  91. ‘LoyaJirgah’ is the Parliament of Afghanistan

  92. Lake Tanganayika is located in Africa

  93. Indian National Forest Academy is located in                                                               Dehradun

  94. National Geophysical Research Institution is Located in Hyderabad

  95. The largest mangrove forests in the world are: Sundarbans

  96. Which NatianalHighwa of India connects Varanasi to Kanyakumari?

    1. National Highway No. 7

  97. Haflong hill station is located in Assam

  98. Mobile Number Portability in India was launched on January 20, 2011

  99. Fleet Tanker INS Deepak has been built by Italian Company Fincantieri

  • From 2011 which day will be observed on National Voter’s Day January 25

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