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Telangana current Affairs question with answer (MCQ) till July 2019

By Team Suhana | Current Affair | Aug 01, 2019
Everyone is preparing for one or the other competitive exams in the state of Telangana as well  rest of the country these days so, it is important to have knowledge about the current affairs of Telangana state as there is always a section of general knowledge and current affair in the question paper. One must prepare thoroughly enough to crack the examination of banking, SSC or UPSC and make a name for yourself in the carrier you like.

Q1. The Pembarthi which is located in warangal district is famous for which among the options

  • Iron ore

  • Paintings

  • Metal crafts

  • Cement industries

Q2. In which Telugu month is the Bonalu festival celebrated in the state?

  • Kaarthikamu

  • Phaalgunamu

  • Maakhamu

  • Aashaadhamu

Q3. The famous Pillala Marri tree which is 800 year old tree in the world is situated in which district of Telangana?

  • Mahabubnagar

  • Warrangal

  • Medak

  • Nizamabad

Q4. On which bank of the river is the Gnana Saraswati temple at Basara located ?

  • Godavari river

  • Penganga river

  • Manjira river

  • Krishna river

Q5. On which day was the state of Telangan formed?

  • 24th July

  • 19th September

  • 1st August

  • 2nd June

Q6. Telangana has which state animal ?

  • Asian Elephant

  • Spotted Dear

  • Monkey

  • None of the above

Q7. Telangana has which bird as its state bird?

  • House Sparrow

  • Indian Roller

  • Peacock

Q8. On which river is the Nagarjuna Dam is situated?

  • Manjira

  • Bhima

  • Godavari

  • Krishna

Q9. Telangan has which of the following city famous for paper manufacturing?

  • Sangareddy

  • Bellampalle

  • Sirpur

  • Manchiryal

Q10. The Hyderabad International Airport is called in what name?

  • Nehru international Airport

  • Indira Gandhi International Airport

  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

  • Kakatiya International Airport

Q11.  The Language Day in Telangana is celebrated on which day?

  • 13th September

  • 1st September

  • 9th September

  • 2nd September

Q12.  Name the Brand Ambassador of Telangana ?

  • Saket M

  • Saina Nehwal

  • Sania Mirza

  • None of them

Q13. In which of the followind places of Telangana is the Temple of Lord Narsimba situtated?

  • Korutula

  • Yadagir

  • Dharmapuri

  • Both a & b

Q14. Name the capital of Telangana ?

  • Hyderabad

  • Warangal

  • Nizamabad

  • Karimnagar

Q15. Amongst the following which state was divided to form Telangana?

  • Karnatka

  • Arunachal Pradesh

  • Tamil Nadu

  • Andhra Pradesh

Q16. What is the state sport of Telangana?

  • Cricket

  • Basketball

  • Kabaddi

  • Hockey

Q17. What is the state festival of Telangana?

  • Pongal

  • Eid –ul- fitr

  • Onam

  • Bathukamma

Q18. The state of Telangan has how many districts in total?

  • 14

  • 12

  • 10

  • 31

Q20. Who built the popular Warrangal Fort in Telangana?

  • Delhi Sultans

  • Musunuri Nayaks

  • Kakatiyas

  • Chalukyas

Q21. Telangana has which of the highest rate of population in its district?

  • Mahbubnagar

  • Rangareddy

  • Nalgonda

  • Nizamabad

Q22. What is the primary language of Telandgan state?

  • Urdu

  • Telagu

  • Tamil

  • Telagu + urdu

Q23. The Expert Appraisal Committee of Union Ministry of Environment has declared that the environmental clearance project for Kaleshwaram lift irrigation in Telanagana what is estimated to be the cost of the project?

  • Rs 80,799.7cr

  • Rs 80.499.7 cr

  • Rs 80.699.7 cr

  • Rs 80.799 cr

Q24. Telangana has signed the MOU to form food park in the state a group name that group ?

  • Himalaya

  • Patanjali

  • Lotus

  • None of the above

Q25.  Name the national park located in Telangana?

  • Bandipur

  • Silent Valley

  • Mrugavani

  • None of the above

Q26. Telangan has which wildlife Sanctuary  ?

  • Bandhi

  • Kawal

  • Gulmarg

  • Netrawali

Q27. Name the dam which is situaated in Telangana?

  • Jurala

  • Sripada

  • Srisailam

  • All of the above

Q28. Which dance form is of Telangana?

  • Kathak

  • Karakattam

  • Perini Tandavam

  • None of the above

Q29. The Famous Kotta Gullu temple is located in which district of Telangana ?

  • Warangal

  • Adilabad

  • Mahbubnagar

  • None of the above

Q30. Name the Airport Situated in Telangana?

  • Indira Gandhi Airport

  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport

  • Ramagundam

  • None of the above

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