The Angel Falls- world’s highest and amazing waterfall, complete fact & information


Brief: – The world’s highest and beautiful uninterrupted waterfall, the fall from the highest point., Angel fall is a waterfall in Venezuela USA. The waterfall drops over the edge of the Auyan-tepui  mountain  in the Canaima National Park. Angel Falls is one of Venezuela’s top tourist attractions, the height of angel falls is (3,212 ft), 979 metres. It  also consist about 400 metres (0.25 mi) of sloped cascade and

rapids below the drop and a 30-meter, 98 ft high plunge downstream of the talus rapids The waterfall is known as the Angel Falls since the mid-20th century.

James Crawford”Jimmie Angel,” a US aviator, who was the first person to fly over the falls. Jimmie Angel was following directions given by the soul Felix Cardona who had seen the body of water six years before, flew over them on sixteen November 1933 on a flight whereas he was sorting out a valuable gold ore bed. Returning to the fall on nine October 1937, Angel tried to land his jittery fixed plane. However the plane was broken once the wheels sank into the marshy ground. Angel and his 3 partners, including his woman Marie, were forced to descend on foot. It took 11 days to make their way to an Indian settlement and then finally back to civilization on boats, however news of their adventure spread everywhere and the body of water was named Angel falls in his honour. Angel’s ashes were scattered over the falls on a pair of Gregorian calendar month 1960. The common Spanish name ”Salto Del Angel” derives from his family name. The plane remained on top of the tipui for 33 years. In 1970 it was dismantled and transported to the aviation Museum for restoration.

Important Fact About Angel Waterfall:-

  1. It is the most beautiful and highest waterfall in the world.
  2. The height of angel water fall is 979 metres (3,212 ft)
  3. Angel fall drops over the edge of the Auyan-tepui Mountain in the Canaima National Park.
  4. Angel Falls is one of Venezuela’s top tourist attractions in USA.
  5. Approximately 900,000 visitors visit the angel waterfall per year.
  6. The waterfall was named Angel Fall in the honour of Jimmy Angel a US aviator.
  7. The fall is a tributary of carrao river.
  8. It was open for tourists in 1990.
  9. In 1994, UNESCO named it. The the world heritage site.
  10. Jimmi’s plane can be seen in the aeronautics museum of Maracay.


How To Reach Angel Fall:-

Before flying out, travellers should prove that they need been immunised against black vomit   A trip to the falls could be a difficult affair. The falls are placed in isolated jungle. The Unesco world Heritage site is only accessible by air. There are no overland routes into the park. Rutaca and avior airlines provide flights to and from the airstrip at Canaima camp. Passengers fly over dense swathes of deep jungle. The start line for stream journeys to the bottom of the falls. Although different waterfalls and lagoons may be visited from Canaima camp.

Canaima camp is situated fifty kilo meters from falls, the camp is framed by many lower altitude waterfalls that flow into an exquisite, mineral-stained Laguna edged by sandy beaches. There is lots of accommodation to reach the falls. A preferred way to get falls is by boat, while traveller could make fun to travel in a jeep to ride away. Although guests can even fly from Canaima landing field to Canaima Lake.  It’s conjointly potential expensive, to charter a non-public plane. Upon inbound are Canaima camp, an entry fee of roughly $4 is levied. Excursions to waterfall proceed from the camp, Times vary, though, on average, it takes regarding 5 hours to achieve the falls from camp. The most reason tourists fly here is for the three-day, two-night journeys to the bottom of falls. The falls receive roughly 900,000 guests per year.




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