Top 20 NDA exam preparation Question with Answer

By robin bhandari | General knowledge | May 29, 2019

Today we're going to share you about "Top 20 NDA exam preparation Question with the answer". These questions help you in cracking of NDA Exam. These Questions are about India & these questions are important & help you in NDA Exams. These Questions are given by the Sai Defence Academy.


NDA Exam preparation Best one words Question (1- 10)

1: Cricket world cup 2023 venue will be held in_

Ans: India


2: Where’s ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) headquarters are in_

Ans: Bengaluru


3: What’s the Validity time of any Cheque?

Ans: 3 Month


4: When will the national Science day be held?

Ans: February 28th


5: Where’s the first Bank of India?

Ans: Bank of Hindustan


6: What’s the Percentage of Nitrogen is in air?

Ans: 78%


7: Where’s the First Olympic Games are held in_

Ans: Athens


8: When was the Shimla Agreement took place?

Ans: In year 1972


9: Which’s the opposing team for the 1st test match of Sachin Tendulkar in the year 1989?

Ans: With Pakistan


10: The shortcut key to maximizing browsing screen is_

Ans: F11 is the shortcut key to maximizing the browser page.


NDA Exam Preparation Best Question with Answers (11-20)


11: How many Fundamental duties we have in our constitution?

Ans: We have 11 no. of duties, these duties are added in 42nd & 86th of the constitutional Amendment Acts.


12: What’s the full form of ASCII?

Ans:  ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)


13: In Saturn, which gases are found?

Ans: Hydrogen and Helium


14: What the process name in which we use Zinc Oxide is applied to metals by stopping them from rusting?

Ans: Galvanization


15: What’s the full form of DBMS?

Ans: Database Management System.


16: What fundamental right is guaranteed to give all even they’re not a citizen of India?

Ans: As per Article 21: Right to life and personal Liberty.


17: Who was Nobel prize awarded of Literature in the year 2015?

Ans: Svetlana Alexievich


18:  Who’s the father of All India Services?

Ans: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel


19: In India who started the Home rule Movement?

Ans: Annie Besant


20: Who’s the only male in the National Women’s commission?

Ans: Mr. Alok Rawat


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