Top 20 NDA Most Asking Question with Answers

Top 20 NDA Most Asking Question with Answers

Today we sharing you about “Top 20 NDA Most Asking Question with Answers”, these questions help you in while cracking of NDA Exams & these GK Question help you in preparation of other government exams. These questions are given by Sai Defense Academy.


 NDA Most Asking Important Questions (1 to 10)

Q: 1: 10 Rupee & 125 Rupee coin has been created for whom Recently?

Ans: Dr. R. Ambedkar


Q: 2: What’s the distance of light traveled in one year.

Ans:   Ten Trillion KM(Kilometer)


Q: 3: Which’s the Red Planet?

Ans: Mars


Q: 4: Galvanization of Steel & Iron is done by which elements?

Ans: Zinc


Q:5: What’s the old name of ICC?

Ans: Imperial Cricket Conference


Q:6: What’s the Official Language of Goa?

Ans: Konkani


Q: 7: IIM (India Institute of Management) is recently opened in_

Àns: Andhra Pradesh


Q: 8: Where’s Indra Gandhi National center for arts?

Ans: New Delhi


Q: 9: What’s the Capital of Mizoram?

Ans: Aizawl


Q: 10: The most Intelligent mammal on earth is_

Ans: Dolphins


 NDA Most Asking Important Questions (11 to 20)

Q:11: What’s the old name of Allahabad is_

Ans: Prayag


Q:12: What’s the official language of Nagaland?

Ans: Nagaland


Q: 13: The White flag is symbol of_

Ans: Surrender


Q: 14: Which’s the smallest planet?

Ans: Mercury


Q: 15: The forbidden city of China are in_

Ans: Beijing


Q:16: Who’s the Brand Ambassador of “Atulya Bharat”?

Ans: Amitabh Bachchan


Q:17: The founder of ABO Blood is_

Ans: Karl Landsteiner


Q:18: The Santosh Trophy is related to _

Ans: Football


Q:19: What’s the Device used for Measuring current?

Ans: Galvanometer


Q:20: Who’s the chief justice of India?

Ans: Jagdish Singh Khehar


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