Top 5 American University Where You Can Study after intermediate.

By Team Beta | Article | Oct 17, 2018
The America is the place off opportunities where anyone can go and find there goal in life. But as we know “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” say by Benjamin Franklin, an american polymathematics and one of the founding fathers of the United States.

So before choosing the good university to study in america we have to know about the same short history of the education system of the american university. Note: Here we can talk about only about higher education which we are taken after our intermediate class.

The history of higher education system is started from the Harvard College which we known today is Harvard University. “The College is formed by the group of an European settlers who was began to arrive in United State and make the United State and they were known as colonial colleges, the harvard college is the first college made by them in 1636.”


Top 5 university of America:

  1. Harvard University

  2. William & Mary University

  3. Yale University

  4. Princeton University

  5. Columbia University


Here now you can read a brief information of top 5 university of america.

Harvard University:

Harvard University is founded in 1636 which is in Cambridge, It is devoted to excellence in there teaching, research and learning. The Harvard is in Cambridge, Boston and Massachusetts and they have more then 20,000 degree candidates, they are undergraduate, graduate, professional study students. The Harvard have more than 360,000 alumni all around the world.




William & Mary University:

William & Mary University is Founded in 1693 which is in Williamsburg, is the second oldest institution for the higher education in United State it is famous for its research university.There is more than 8,484 Students in the university in which Undergraduate are 6,301 and Postgraduate are 2,183. The students and the faculty of Will & Mary University are full of strengths, passions and knowledge from which they are creating a new model of sustainability for the higher education in the society.



Yale University:

Yale University is founding in 1701 in New Haven, Connecticut, U.S. the university has been dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge all over the world. Yale university reach is both local and international. The Students in yale is 12,312 in which the Undergraduate are 5,453 and Postgraduate are 6,859.



Princeton University:

Princeton University is founded in 1746 in New Jersey. I was the most prestigious and oldest university in list of american university.

Princeton is famous for its research and gain a greater honor in the list of foremost research universities, and has educated the two presidents, Woodrow Wilson and James Madison. There is some other famous graduates in which the Michelle Obama, and the celebrity and actors like David Duchovny and Jimmy Stewart.

The Strength of the student in Princeton University is 8,181 in which the Undergraduate are 5,400 and the Postgraduate 2,781.




Columbia University

Columbia University is founded in 1754 at first is name is King's College and in 1784 the name change to Columbia University which is in New York City. The columbian university provided the courses for  undergraduate, graduate, pre-professional, doctorate and interdisciplinary study.

The Students in columbia university is 27,942 Undergraduate 8,410

Postgraduate 19,532. The columbia University is the best among the american university in United States.



Tips about the taking admission in american universities.

[caption id="attachment_9538" align="alignnone" width="1024"]tips about the taking admission in american universities tips about the taking admission in american universities[/caption]

  1. Before taking admission first you need to apply for study visa or you have to check that, are you fulfilling the requirement of the study visa of USA.

  2. Do details research about the university and courses which you have to take.

  3. There is an language requirements for american university so you need to pass some exams for it like : IELTS (International English Language Testing Service), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

  4. For applying the undergraduate (Bachelor's) degree in american universities the university's offers two type of applications which is in early admission session and regular admission session. If you're planning  for admission early admission the deadlines will be between October and November of months of every year and If you're planning for regular admission deadlines will be between February and March months of every year.

  5. For applying the post-graduate (Master's or Ph. D) degree in the american university's. If you are planning for to take admission for next year then the first deadline can be anywhere from January to March of the any year And the next deadline is  between July and September of every year.

Note: Dates and deadlines are change according the university rules but there are the expected for more details you have to be up to date from the university website.


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