Top 5 Universities of North America

By Team Alpha | Worlds Universities | Mar 05, 2018
Here I am sharing top 5 & Best Universities of North America. (Best universities in the world).Best universities among the world are here. Top most Universities in USA. USA Universities ranking are high.

 North America’s top 5 Universities


Massachusetts Institute of Technology: -

It established in 1861.It is a higher education institution located in the town of Cambridge. It is number 1 in country ranking as well as world ranking. There are five schools: — architecture and planning; engineering; humanities, management, arts, social sciences, Bachelors of Computer Science and Engineering, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering ,MBA and science- and more than 30 departments and programs. The total fees for MIT—tuition plus fees, housing and dining, expenses, etc. — is more than $67,000 a year. Best university in the world.

Website: - http://web.mit.edu/.

Stanford University

Stanford University: -

It is founded on 1885.It is located on the medium-sized town of Stanford California. Founder of Stanford University is Leland Stanford, Jane Stanford. It is on 2nd position country’s ranking as well as world’s ranking. It is best university.

Courses: - Aeronautics & Astronautics (AA), Bioengineering (BIOE), Chemical Engineering (CHEMENG), Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE), Computational & Mathematical Engineering (CME), Computer Science (CS), Design Institute (DESINST) etc.

Fees: - $48,987 Phone+1 650-723-2300

Website: - https://www.stanford.edu/


Harvard University

Harvard University: -

It Established in 1636. It is the oldest institutions in United State.

There are many courses like computer science, data science, biostatics, and engineering etc. It is ranked on 3rd position on country as well as worldwide. It is best university.

Fees structure:-$69,600


 University of California Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley: -

It is founded in 1868. It is located in the large town of Berkeley California. It is ranked on 4th position on country as well as worldwide. It is best university.

Total Fees: - $45,014

Courses: - Aerospace Studies (AEROSPC), African American Studies (AFRICAM), Agricultural and Resource Economics (A, RESEC), American Studies (AMERSTD) ,Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology (AHMA), Anthropology (ANTHRO), Business Administration, Evening/Weekend Masters (EWMBA), Business Administration, Executive Master (XMBA), Business Administration, Master (MBA), Business Administration, PhD (PHDBA), Business Administration, Undergraduate (UGBA).

Website: - https://www.berkeley.edu/

University of Michigan

University of Michigan:-

It is founded on 1817. It is located in the large town of Ann Arbor Michigan. It is number 5 in country ranking as well as world ranking. It is best university.

 Fees: - In-state: $14,826, Out-of-state: $47,476

Courses: - Aerospace Engineering, Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering,  ConsEnSus (Environmental Sciences and Engineering), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Engineering Division, Entrepreneurship, Industrial and Operations Engineering, Integrative Systems + Design, Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Military Officer Education Program, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, Robotics, Technical Communications, UARTS.

Website: - http://umich.edu/






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