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By Sarika | General knowledge | Mar 05, 2020
Present-day School began as a little nursery and kindergarten at the home of Mr.H.G.Juyal, the President of Modern School Education Society. Today, the school – with three undeniable grounds at prime areas in J.M. Street, Pragati Vihar and Dhalwala–is an image of a dynamic instructive development enlivened by extraordinary savants in the field of training. Secretly dealt with, the school is a mainstream, co-instructive one, coordinating into its educational plan worry for the earth, the soul of network administration and global harmony and fellowship. Other than extensive study halls and play areas, we have completely evolved offices for every division, with Maths and Science labs, a Computer Resource Center, very much supplied libraries, a theater and outside stage, and a Teachers' Learning Center. Toward the finish of class X and XII, the understudies show up for an All India assessment led by the CISCE.

Co-Curricular Activities 

  • The division into four houses assists with assimilating the soul of solid rivalry. 

  • Encouraging Leadership Qualities. 

  • mass cooperation in both intra and between school exercises at different levels. 

  • Diversion cum-functional work for the understudies. 

  • Talks and visitor talks to support understudies. 

  • Artistic, social and sports exercises to assist understudies with learning and develop as great individuals.

Extra-Curricular Activities 

  • Visits And Exhibitions. 

  • Quizzers And Competition. 


  • Sports.

  • Material science lab 

  • Science lab 

  • PC lab 

  • Bio/Biochemistry Lab 

  • Library 

  • Grounds

Enlistment and Admission

  • Composed test/Merit premise dependent on the pre-Board test. 

  • For the UKG-IXth Written test in Maths and English followed by a meeting. 

  • No confirmation will be considered until all prerequisites are met, move authentication in unique is required to be submitted at the hour of affirmation if there should arise an occurrence of postponing such cases will be treated as temporary confirmation. 

  • Clinical complexities if any are required to be educated to the school with subtleties recorded as a hard copy. 

  • The chief claims all authority to concede or reject the confirmation of an understudy at her/his watchfulness on specific grounds. 

  • Photocopy of endorsement of Date of Birth. 

  • Three visas measured photos 

NOTE. (Guardians are mentioned to educate the school quickly the adjustment in address and telephone number .)


  • Understudies must come to class in an appropriate uniform. Understudies without appropriate uniform are not permitted to enter the school 

  • Understudies must arrive at the school, in any event, five minutes before the time fixed for gathering. 

  • An understudy arriving behind schedule or the individuals who have been missing on the earlier day must get it entered in their journals. 

  • Sporadic participation, routine ailment, disregarding home assignments, defiance and insolence towards educators or terrible good impact legitimize rejections. 

  • The understudy is carefully illegal to buy any article of nourishment from unapproved sellers close to the school premises. 

  • During the nonattendance of the educator from the Class, understudies must comply with the Monitor designated so as to look after premises. 

  • On the off chance that the kid or guardians get out of hand with any individual from the staff, the Principle has each option to oust such an understudy from the school. 

  • Guardians are required to co-work in the working of the school by authorizing normality and checking out their youngsters' advancement. They should check the journal normally and educator's comments and so on. Going to Parent-Teacher gatherings is obligatory. 

  • The understudies are exhorted not to carry important articles to the school. The school won't be liable for any products lost. 

  • Nonattendance without leave is truly seen and if there should arise an occurrence of seven days sequential nonappearance, the name of the student will be struck off the roll. He will be readmitted simply after he has taken care of the considerable number of obligations with a new confirmation expense. Re-confirmation will be at the Principal's prudence. 

  • Care must be taken on furniture and school property. The understudies must not scratch or ruin the furnishings and school property, compose on the dividers or in any capacity harm to the utilization. Any sort of harm done to the school property must be made acceptable. Willful harm done to the school property must be made acceptable. Wilful harm of property will prompt rejection.

  • Nobody may leave the school premises during school hours without the Principal's consent. Guardians are not permitted to see their youngsters or meet the instructors during school hours aside from the earlier authorization of the head. 

  • Participation is mandatory upon the arrival of any capacity. 

  • The expense ought to be paid by the tenth of consistently.

Address : Rishilok Colony, Manvendra Nagar, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
Name: Modern School Rishikesh 

E-Mail :

Phone : 0135-2430187, 2437009
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