What is Protein-whey protein-Types and Sources

What is protein?

Whey Protein is the word comes into mind when someone thinks of bodybuilding or fitness. If you are reading this article that means you are working out daily or about to start bodybuilding. Then you have come to the right place. Now let’s understand about protein.

Whey Protein in layman language is the nutrition which we all need for our survival. But it is very much used in bodybuilding because it acts as a building block of our muscle body. Protein is extracted from various sources such as milk, egg, vegetables and non-vegetarian products. It contains BCAA i.e. Bran chain amino acids, which are required to recover muscle tissues that are broken in the gym by lifting weights.

whey protein


Why you need protein as a supplement?

You will be wondering that why you need whey protein when it is available in natural sources. Right? But the fact is if you are doing something extra you need something extra. Being human, you can’t take or eat protein in a great extent that will help you to build muscle that is why you need a supplement to fulfil required protein diet in one go.


Are there any side effects?

Anything in extra is harmful, even sugar and salt for example. But if you take best whey protein in a directed way, there is no chance that any side effect will come to you. But the main thing to be noted here is protein is a supplement (that means something in extra) and it is not a substitute of real food. You should drink protein in a combination of real food.


Types of protein?

Now you have made up your mind to use best protein powder. So, the next question is which protein you need, there are different types of protein but here it is categorised in three formats-

Concentrated protein– It is the best source of protein for beginners because it is a mixture of all kind of protein available in the market and at a low price.

Isolate protein – it is a pure form of protein which is further processed to keep fat level to zero and protein content high. But it is recommended for pro bodybuilder who has given at least 6-month time in gym related activities.

Hydrolysed protein – it is further processed. It is for advanced users and it gets easily absorbed in the body and helps to recover muscle much faster. Anyone with a long history of bodybuilding can use it.


Always remember it is your call to buy a supplement and use it as an enhancer, we here are only advising you in the best simple way possible. We do not give a guarantee of the result as no one can.

But keeping a healthy diet is the main factor in the fitness world and you know what! the world is using it on a daily basis, even athletes, runners, trainer, actors (who maintain body) all take it with their real diet.

So, what you are waiting for? go grab a healthy diet for your fitness bodybuilding world.

Bottom line-

Choose your best whey protein in respect to your health condition and add enzymes to your diet for proper digestion of food and also consult a local dietician for further clarification.



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