Why Vote is Important

By Team edu 2 | Article | Apr 17, 2019

What is voting?

A vote is a moment when a group of people makes a decision by each person make his or her choice.

Voting is a fundamental right of every citizen that enables them to choose their leaders. The minimum age for voting is 18 years, in many countries. Voting not only means to empower the citizens to vote for political parties or persons, but it also helps them to realize the importance of citizenship. Many people do not vote by thinking that one vote will not make a change, but, it does. A nation’s political foundations are built using elections.

Right to Vote

The right to vote energizes social awareness in people since it empowers political cooperation. The citizens know the progress of the political representatives and the legislature. Every adult has given the right to vote, class, occupation, irrespective of sex, etc. It is a fundamental right in which all citizens get an opportunity to choose who represents them in front of the government.

It’s the responsibility of every citizen that they must decide which government is to be elected or choose.

It is the right, benefit and obligation to vote as a citizen of your nation and an individual from your society.

Reasons to vote

It’s our right:

As India is a democratic country, it is built on the base of the election. Voting is a constitutional right that we are honored to have this. The constitution of India has given us the right to elect who we want, and the right to make the change.


An agent of change:

Your vote can play an important role in making the change. If you are unhappy or disappointed with the current government, you can vote for a better one. If u are not voting that could result in the same party ruling for another five years. If the country is stuck with a bad or corrupted government, it’s the people to blame for voting wrong or for not voting.


The Government of India has made the provision for voters to give their vote even if they are not satisfied with any of the candidates. NOTA stands for none of the above and this is an important vote to cast for those who aren’t satisfied by any of the parties or person standing. Voting NOTA expresses that none of the candidates are capable. NOTA votes count, however in case the majority of the votes are NOTA, then the party with the next majority will come to power.

Process of Elections

To conduct the elections and ensure smooth functioning or working, the Election Commission of India was formed. The Election commission of India takes care of everything related to elections which include the control, direction and the conduct of the elections. The following is a summary of the process of voting that you need to know or follow.

  • You first need to be registered for the Electoral Roll which is a list of the eligible voters. You can apply online as well as at the VRECs, at designated locations or through a Booth Level Officer.

  • You will get a Voter ID which you need to present at the polling booth or center.

  • The responsibility lies on every citizen to be aware of those who are standing in elections.

  • It is also the responsibility of every citizen to find out where the polling booth is in their respective constituency.

  • You can vote on the EVM (Electronic Voting Machines).

  • If you know how to speak English, you should familiarize yourself with the symbols of the candidates, because the names of the candidates will be listed in alphabetical order in the respective state’s language.

  • All you have to do is to press that button which is next to your desired candidate’s name and symbol. You can also vote to NOTA.

  • They apply ink on your finger that signifies that you voted.


Youth role in the election

Youth can play a major role in the elections as a large number of our voters belong to the Young Generation. We must remember that we are not voting for someone else, we are voting for ourselves. Basically, our vote will help us build a better future for ourselves. So, we must Vote and also inspire other people to cast their votes.

As per the rules of the Election commission of India, Every voter must have to be registered his or her name in the Electoral Rolls (Voters’ List). If you don’t have your name registered in that list, you can’t give the vote. Voters must have an identity card also known as Voter’s ID card. If you don’t have this, then you won’t be allowed to cast your vote. Visit the local Election office to know about the procedure and forms to register your name in the Voters List and to have a voter ID card. If you already have these, then don’t forget to cast your vote and also tell others to do so. Only then, we hope to see some improvements in the situation of our Nation. Those who don’t fulfill their responsibility towards their nation, have no right to ask for their ‘rights’. I would like to share a quote of John Kennedy here-‘Ask not what the country has done for you. Ask what you have done for the country.’ So, if we can’t do anything for our country, let’s at least cast our vote with responsibility and let’s unite to bring positive changes in our lives and to make our future better.


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