Yoga : Process to do Vakrasana , its benefits and precautions

Today we will tell you about the famous Vakrasana of Yoga. Vakarasana derives from the word ‘vakr’ which means serpent. While doing this asana, the spine is curved or bent. Because of which this yoga is named Vakrasana. Vakarasana increases activation of the spine. This asana proves very beneficial for our body.

Benefits of Vakrasana

  • Vakrasana proves to be very beneficial in preventing diabetes.
  • Vakarasana reduces weight.
  • Waist pain is relieved by performing Vakrasana.
  • Vakrasana can prevent cramps and torsion.
  • Vakrasana is a panacea to reduce depression.
  • Vakrasana proves beneficial for reducing constipation.
  • By doing Vakarasana, the lungs work well.

Vakrasana Yoga method

  • First of all, spread your yoga mat and spread your feet in it and sit down.
  • Remember that there is no distance between the two legs.
  • Bend your left leg with your knee and lift it to the right knee.
  • Keep your spine straight and while exhaling, bend the waist to the left.
  • Now pull your hand from elbow to the left leg knee with the burden on your side.
  • You have to pull your leg towards you in such a way that there is pressure in your stomach.
  • Now release your breath and come back to normal.
  • You have to repeat this action 3-4 times.

Caution while doing Vakrasana

  • Do not do Vakrasana if you have stomach ache.
  • Do not do Vakrasana if you have pain in your knee.
  • If you have more pain in your waist, do not do Vakrasana.
  • Do not do Vakrasana if you have pain in the neck.
  • Do not do Vakrasana if you have pain in your elbow.



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