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Best Android File Manager App.

best app to download

Best File Manager App

A big deviation between Android and iOS is that Android grants every user the freedom to access their device’s file system.

After using smart phone everyone wants to arrange their files, documents and pics by a …

Best mobile app to earn money online.

earn money online

Best mobile app to earn money online.

Not every idea that we’ve provided inside will be suitable for you as every person has his or her own skills, passions, and limitations.
You also get all the relevant information to help …

Best Anatomy 3D app ever.

best anatomy 3D app

One of the top and best android app.

It has free, incredible information and runs without too much overhead. Amazing on chromebook with notes running alongside. 1 month update: Absolutely essential for learning anatomy for kinesthetic/visual learners. Nothing, including textbooks, …

Tripadvisor. India’s No.1 travel portal

travel site

One of the top mobile app.

Tripadvisor is an mobile friendly application which can be downloaded in android or ios. There are millions of travelers who have downloaded the app and shared their reviews, photos and services from tripadvisor.

So, …

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