Himachal Pradesh Top 30 GK Question & Answers For HPPSC Exams

By Team Raja | General knowledge | Jan 15, 2019
Here Education master (No. 1 Education Portal) giving you top 30 GK question and answers list for HPPSC exams these are the main top 30 question and answers which commonly come in aggressive tests.

hp gk questions

  1. Who introduced Buddhism in the Lahaul Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh – Padmasambhan

  2. Who was the founder of Jaswan state of Himachal Pradesh – Purab Chand

  3. At which of the following places Rabindra Nath Tagore spent few months in Himachal Pradesh – Dalhousie

  4. Kala Top Wildlife sanctuary is located in which place – Chamba

  5. Pin Valley National Park is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh – Lahaul Spiti

  6. Mian Chu-Chu and Vaid Surat Singh were the leaders of a revolt that took place in – Sirmaur

  7. When was Bilaspur state merged with Himachal Pradesh – 1954

  8. Which governor-general of India visited Mandi in October 1871 – Lord Mayo

  9. Who was the founder of Kullu state – Bihangmani Pal

  10. Which Raja of Sirmaur shifted his capital from Rajban to Kalsi – Udit Prakash

  11. Who was the first Governor General of India to visit Shimla - Lord Amherst

  12. Chandra and Bhaga river meet at which place to form the Chenab river – Tandi

  13. Central Potato Research Institute is located at which place – Bemloe

  14. Treaty of Sanjauli was signed on which date - 28th November 1815

  15. Which of the following districts of Himachal Pradesh is located on the international border of India – Kinnaur

  16. Who was the first governor of Himachal Pradesh - S Chakravarti

  17. Nargu sanctuary is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh – Mandi

  18. Which is the only sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh reporting the presence of Kashmir Stag - Gamgul Siahbehi Sanctuary

  19. Which of the following is the smallest wildlife sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh – Shilli

  20. Gasota fair is associated with which of the following places – Hamirpur

  21. Bhunda festival of Nirmand takes place after how many years – Twelve

  22. Marriage by inter-familial exchange in Himachal Pradesh is known as - Bata-sata

  23. Who was the political guru of Y S Parmar - Chaudhary Sher Jung

  24. The headquarter of Kangra district is at – Dharamshala

  25. In which district is Shirgul Devta worship famous – Sirmaur

  26. Where is Kamla Nehru hospital located in Himachal Pradesh – Shimla

  27. Kahlur state was established by which of the following rulers - Vir Chand

  28. Who was the founder of Ritesh state in Himachal Pradesh - Rai Singh

  29. In which year treaty was signed between Raja Raj Singh of Chamba and Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra at Chamba – 1788

  30. Minjar fair is held in which of the following districts – Chamba

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