Important static GK question for upcoming exams

static GK question
  1. In which state does the singalila wild life sanctuary located ?
    a) West Bengal
    b) Jharkhand
    c) Maharashtra
    d) Bihar
    e) None of these
    Ans – west Bengal
  2. Name of the capital of arunachal pardesh?
    a) Dishpur
    b) Kohima
    c) Ranchi
    d) Dehradun
    e) Itanagar
    Ans – itanagar
  3. World water day is observed on ?
    a) March 5
    b) March 22
    c) April 5
    d) April 15
    e) April 20
    Ans – march 22
  4. Where does jay parakash narayan international airport located ?
    a) Indore
    b) Ranchi
    c) Patna
    d) Lucknow
    e) Varanashi
    Ans – patna
  5. What is the currency of Indonesia ?
    a) Pond
    b) Indonesian doller
    c) Rupiah
    d) Indonesian rupiah
    e) Taka
    Ans – Indonesian rupiah
  6. International justice day is celebrated on ?
    a) 1 july
    b) 5 june
    c) 17 july
    d) 15 june
    e) 10 july
    Ans – 17 july
  7. Where is the headquarter of IDFC ?
    a) New delhi
    b) Pune
    c) Hyderabad
    d) Mumbai
    e) Chennai
    Ans – Mumbai
  8. Which country capital is Canberra ?
    a) Canada
    b) Peru
    c) South Africa
    d) Australia
    e) Indonesia
    Ans – Australia
  9. Which is the largest nuclear power station in india ?
    a) Tarapur
    b) Kudankulam
    c) Kaiga
    d) Kakrapar
    e) Kalpakkam
    Ans – Tarapur
  10. Where is the headquarter of BOI ?
    a) New delhi
    b) Mumbai
    c) Chennai
    d) Dehradun
    e) Hyderabad
    Ans – Mumbai
  11. Where is kanha park located ?
    a) Madhya pardesh
    b) Uttar pardesh
    c) Bihar
    d) Uttrakhand
    e) None of these
    Ans – Madhya pardesh
  12. The tiroda thermal power plant is located in which state of India ?
    a) Himachal Pradesh
    b) Maharashtra
    c) Rajasthan
    d) Bihar
    e) Odisha
    Ans – Maharashtra
  13. The mehrangarh fort is situated in which state ?
    a) Odisha
    b) Gujarat
    c) Kerala
    d) Rajasthan
    e) Himachal Pradesh
    Ans – Rajasthan
  14. The pritzker prize is given for outstanding work in which of the following fields ?
    a) Peace
    b) Cricket
    c) Football
    d) Architecture
    e) Science & technology
    Ans – Architecture
  15. Mogadishu is the capital of which country ?
    a) Somalia
    b) Ireland
    c) Paraguay
    d) Nigeria
    e) None of these
    Ans – Soma lia
  16. The Mahavir harina vanasthali national park is in which state?
    a) Odisha
    b) West Bengal
    c) Karnataka
    d) Telangana
    e) Andhra Pradesh
    Ans – telangana
  17. What is the currency of Namibia ?
    a) Namibian peso
    b) Namibian dollar
    c) Namibian pound
    d) Namibian franc
    e) Namibian euro
    Ans – Namibian dollar
  18. The solaiyar dam is located in which state ?
    a) Karnataka
    b) Kerala
    c) Himachal Pradesh
    d) Tamil Nadu
    e) Uttrakhand
    Ans – Tamil Nadu
  19. When is the world malaria day is observed ?
    a) June 5
    b) March 15
    c) April 25
    d) May 20
    e) March 30
    Ans – April 25
  20. The dada sahib phalke award is india’s highest award for which field ?
    a) Music
    b) Literature
    c) Mathematics
    d) Cinema
    e) Cricket
    Ans – Cinema

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