Interesting Fact About Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh interesting fact

Madhya Pradesh is one of the beautiful State of India. It is located in the right centre of India that is why it is known as the heart of India. Everyone must visit this beautiful place. Among all the Indian state MP has the largest strength of tribal like Gond, korku, Baiga. So here are the some interesting fact about MP every Indian must know.

The Bhimbetka Caves


The Bhimbetka Caves are very famous place in Madhya Pradesh. This cave is a cluster of more than 600 caves. Bhimbetka caves are 40km ahead from Bhopal. This collection of caves is one of the oldest cave collection of India. The Bhimbetka cave is the combination of amazing rock carving and human painting. These caves are another attractive spot for tourist in MP.

The khajuraho’s Sculpture

The Khajuraho is the group of sculptures, these monuments and sculptures are also known as Kama Sutra monument. The khajuraho place is a heritage site of the world which attracts a large number of tourist to visit and enjoy this place’s beauty.


Ujjain an ancient temple

When we talk about temple in India Madhya Pradesh is the state which is full of beautiful and ancient temples in India and each temple has its own history  but the temple at Ujjain are most popular in India. These are the ancient temple in this state of India which attracts people for visit. The famous and largest kumbh mela takes on the bank of river Shipra and it is celebrated in a very grand manner, this is the best time to visit here.

Chanderi Silk

MP is also known for its beautiful Chanderi silk sari which loved by every single women in India. Chanderi was founded by lord krishna’s  cousin Shishupala. Chanderi sari is traditional sari in India  made in Chanderi.


If you are a person who really admire the natural scenic beauty of the nature this is the perfect place for you to visit and enjoy the presence of nature’s beauty. The charming and quaint hill station for hangout away from the crowd of cities. The waterfalls, the beautiful lake and cave are the attractive thing over here for you.


The climate of Madhya Pradesh is normally monsoonal and it’s monsoon season starts from June and end up in September every year.During the rainy season Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh receives annual rainfall of a massive 1210mm.

Taste of Madhya Pradesh

MP is also famous for its delicious food and taste here are some list of famous food in MP for its taste. Biryani Pilaf, Seekh kabab, Chakki ki shook, Poha jalebi, Mawa Baati.



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