Most Expected Phrases and Idioms for SSC and Banking Exams.


Idioms & Phrases is one of the most important part of English section in SSC & Other Competitive Exams. It usually covers good numbers.Useful Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL and Bank Free PDFs of Important Vocabulary for all SSC Exams.Learn important vocabulary

Most Expected Phrases and Idioms for SSC and Banking Exams.

Q.1 : Behind closed doors
1.To praise someone
2.Doing something secretly 
3.Excite someone
4.To work hard
Q.2 : Spill the beans
1.Arrive just on time
2.Feel sick
3.To screw up
4.Reveal someone’s secret 
Q.3 : In hot water
2.Trouble with someone 
3.Argument with someone
Q.4 : Back to Square One
1.To bring an issue
2.Doing something wrong
3.To face problems
4.To go back to the beginning 
Q.5 : Meet ones waterloo
1.Waste time here and there
2.Going for journey
3.Meet ones final end 
4.Begin from scratch
Q.6 : Up in Arms
2.Very angry 
Q.7 : A fish out of water
1.To reveal a secret
2.In a dry environment
3.One in uncomfortable situation 
4.Know something secret
Q.8 : Beat around the bush
1.Discuss something secret
2.Avoid coming to the point
3.Cleaning the garden
4.No idea of main topic
Q.9 : Bolt from the blue
2.A complete surprise 
3.Inform something bad
4.No idea
Q.10 : Blue blood
1.Belonging to low class society
2.Give complain in written
3.Member of high class society 
4.Complain give verbally
Q.11: At Loggerheads
1.To differ strongly 
2.To divide a job
3.To try hard
4.To get going
Q.12 : Keep your eyes peeled
1.To watch carefully 
2.Searching someone
3.Looking forward
4.Running away
Q.13 : Head Over Heels
1.Study hard
2.Living in luxury
3.Very excited 
Q.14 : Get one’s feet wet
1.To become serious
2.To understand correctly
3.To criticize
4.To begin gaining experience 
Q.15 : Talk through one’s hat
1.Talk good points
2.To talk secretly
3.Talk positively
4.Talk nonsense
Q.16 : Dead Ringer
3.Looking Good
4.Something bad
Q.17 : Once in a blue moon
2.Very rarely
3.Something interesting
4.Very common
Q.18 : On the Cards
1.To run away
Q.19 : Hard and fast
3.Very strict 
4.Cause of trouble

Q.20 : Throw in the towel
1.Make all possible effort
2.Ussing any means
3.Accept defeat 
4.Ignore others
Q.21 : Beat around the bush
1.Avoid coming to the point 
2.Run away
3.Deduce from the facts
4.Likely to happen soon
Q.22 : Bone of contention
1.Point of an argument 
3.Without any hesitation
4.To succeed
Q.23 : To fly off the handle
1.To be confused
2.Making friendship
3.Punish someone
4.To lose one’s temper 
Q.24 : The lion’s share
1.The biggest part 
2.The smallest part
3.Equal parts
4.Get nothing
Q 25 : No avail
2.Without any result 
3.Very nervous
4.Dispose of
Q.26 : A bitter pill
 1.Facing unpleasant situation 
2.Cause of trouble
3.To reveal a secret
4.Not to listen to
Q.27 : Wet behind the ears
2.Observe very closely
Q.28 : Raining Cats and Dogs
 1.Raining heavily 
3.Fighting between two groups
4.Earning with storms
Q.29 : Hand over fist
1.Get panic
2.State of high alert
 3.Quickly and continuously 
 4.Get comfortable
Q.30 : All at sea
1.Something outstanding
2.Forgive all
 3.State of confusion 
4.Living in Luxury
Q.31 : With flying colours
1.Fly high
2.Doing exceptionally well
 4.Work very hard

Q.32 : To bell the cat
1.Facing enemy
 2.To face the risk 
3.Make friendship

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