SSC-CGL EXAM 2018 – English Synonyms Quiz in Hindi Meanings

Read The List of Best Synonyms with English & Hindi meaning Ask in SSC-CGL, CPOs, SSC 10+2 Data Entry Exams, List of English Synonyms Ask in Previous SSC Examinations Important for Upcoming Govt. jobs Exams 2018 This Knowledge is Sharing by Vijay Academy Dehradun It is Helpful for All Aspirants.

SynonymsEnglish MeaningHindi Meaning
Commencebegin, startशुरुआत करना
MenaceDanger, hazardखतरा
GruffRough, Rudeअसभ्य या कर्कश
OccultEnigmatic, Obscureरहस्यमय
CrabbyIII Tempered, Flinickyचिड़चिड़ा
AffrontHumiliate, Provokeअपमान करना
ExpiateAtone, Repentप्रायश्चित करना
PerpetualEternal, Constantशास्वत, लगातार
ApprehendArrest, Understant Seizeसमझना या पकड़ना
AphorismAxion, Maxim, Adageसूक्ति, कहावत
EsteemAdmiration, Respect, Approbationसम्मान
DiffidentModest, shyशर्मीला
FortitudeFirmness, Valour, Strengthसाहस
FuryWrath, Rage, Angerगुस्सा या नाराजगी
JovialJolly, Merry, Cheerfulप्रसन्नचित
InsidiousInventive, Clever, deceitfulचालक या धोखेबाज
EnigmaPuzzle, riddle, labyrinthविदेशी
ExoticNot native, strange,foreignउत्पन्न होना या बाहर निकलना
EmitExude, ooze outदुःख या अंधकार
DeliriousExcited, full of joy,Playfulजोशीला
FervidFervant, Enthusiasticमूर्ख

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