Environment Science GK Quiz – SSC Combined Graduate Level – 2018

Environment Science GK Quiz – SSC Combined Graduate Level – 2018

List of 30 Environment Science GK Question, Environment Science Best  Gk questions. The Important & Helpful Knowledge Sharing by Amazon Academy Dehradun for those Candidates who are preparing for (SSC-CGL)- 2018 Combined Graduate Level Tier -1, SSC- MTS, CPOs, Data Entry Exam 2018

Environment Science GK Quiz:

  1. Where is the Headquarters of the “ United Nations Environment Program ” (UNEP)? – Nairobi (Kenya)
  2. Which gas is most commonly found in the Atmosphere – Nitrogen
  3. Which gases have the main role in climate change? – Greenhouse gas
  4. Which test is done to measure water pollution? – Biochemical Oxygen Demand
  5. Where is the “ Ecological Research and training center “ situated? – Bangalore (Karnataka)
  6. The Humidity of the Atmosphere is measured with the help of a measuring instrument – hygrometer
  7. What is the Unit of Measuring Ozone layer – Dobson
  8. Which state of India reaches the monsoon first – Kerala
  9. In which Monsoon has the highest rainfall in India – from the southwest monsoon
  10. What is called gaseous covering all around the earth – Atmosphere
  11. What is the S.I number of Atmospheric pressure – bar
  12. Which is the top layer of the Atmosphere – Exosphere
  13. Which is the lowest layer of the Atmosphere – Troposphere
  14. In which Layer in the Atmosphere Seasonal phenomena occur – Troposphere
  15. Which layer of the Atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun – ozone layer
  16. What Percentage of the geothermal part is water – 71 percent
  17. What is the Relation between the Atmosphere and the Biosphere – Ecology
  18. Which is the inert gas present in the atmosphere – Argon gas
  19. What Percentage of Average Salinity of sea water is – 35 percent
  20. What kind of Rocks have granite and basalt – igneous rocks
  21. Heating curves decrease at a Height of 1 kilometer in the troposphere – 6.4 degree centigrade
  22. Who conceived the concept of greenhouse gases – Joseph Forer
  23. Where is Situated ” Central Environment Engineering Institute” – Nagpur
  24. What kind of climate is found in India – tropical climate
  25. What is the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere – 0 to 4 percent
  26. What is called the ” Snowstorm ” in Polar regions – Blizzard
  27. Which is the coldest layer of the Atmosphere – Moderate
  28. Which Instrument Used to measured Atmospheric pressure – Barometer
  29. Radio & communication transmission is possible by which layer of Atmosphere – Ionosphere
  30. In which Layer of Atmosphere the Airplane fly – Stratosphere

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