History Important Questions for SSC -CGL/CHSL Exam 2018 -History GK Quiz

History Important Questions for SSC -CGL/CHSL Exam 2018 -History GK Quiz

Dear Aspirant Read History General knowledge question, Indian History Questions, Ancient History gk question, Medival History for SSC CGL Exam 2018 Important Indian History gk for  SSC CGL, CHSL, Railway, Other One day Exams 2017-18 Shared by  Amazon Academy Dehradun

History General knowledge:  

  1. Delhi sultanat was established by whom – illtutmish (1211)
  2. What was the meaning of Sultani in Sultnat period – It was a term used for slave of sultani
  3. Who wrote the book ” tarik-e-i mubarakh shahi – Yahi ya -bin -Ahmed
  4. Name the most Important ruler of Sharki Dynasty – Allaudin-Husain shah
  5. During the period of which sultan ” IQTA ” system was started – illtutmish
  6. Who founded ” Slave Daynasty ” in India – Qutubuddin -Abek (1206)
  7. Name the first Indian muslim to sit on the thron of Delhi Sultanat – Khusro shah
  8. Who was the founder of TuglaqDynasty in 1320 AD – Gyasu din – Tuglaq
  9. Before Becoming The ruler of Delhi Gaji Malik the Governer of which area – Dipalpur
  10. Name The first sultan of Delhi, who took took Keen interest in canal Construction – Gyasu – Din -Tuglaq
  11. Name The city Founded by Gyasu – Din -Tuglaq – Tughlaqabad
  12. Name the ” Agriculture Department ” set up by Mohammad Bin Tuglaq – Diwan -e – Ahmiri khohi
  13. Name the ruler who Abolished ” Ekta system ” – Allauddin – khilji
  14. Name The Ruler Who built The famous ” Huaj-Khas ” in Delhi – Firoj shah tuglaq 
  15. The indian ruler who defeated the English in the early stage of english rule in india was – Hyder Ali
  16. The Gupta gold & silver issues were initially based on the coins of the – Roman empire & Kushanas
  17. Megasthenies was succeeded as ambassador to the mauryan court by – Deimachos
  18. In the Mauryan Administration the official designated as rupadarshaka was – manager of stage
  19. In ancient indian social structure, the term ” Aniravasita ” was related to – sudras
  20. Hieun – tsang found Janism Flourishing in – Bengal
  21. Asoka’s contemporary Greek king of syria mentioned in his Edicts was – Antiochus II theos
  22. Before coming to Akbar’s court Miyan Tansen was in the service of – Raja of Jaipur
  23. The Jaina sytem of thought closely resembles – shakhya
  24. The ” IQTA ” under the Delhi sultnat was a territorial Assignment & its holder was designated Muqti who was – the owner of the Iqta land
  25. The head of a guild in ancient & early medival india was called – Jetthaka
  26. Who Introduced Dahshala system During The Period of Akhbar – Todar mal
  27. What was the orignal name of sher shah shuri – Farid
  28. In Sultan period the head of Information & Intelligence Department was known as – Barid -e-muh- malik
  29. Name the Tittle Given To Mohammad Tuglaq By his Father ” Mohammad Giyasuddin ” – Ulluk Khan
  30. Akhbar was the famous Player of which musical instrument – Nakkara

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