Most Important English Vocabulary for SSC-CGL, MTS, IBPS Exam 2018

Most Important English Vocabulary for SSC-CGL, MTS, IBPS Exam 2018

Dear Aspirant Amazon Academy Dehradun sharing English Vocabulary for SSC_CGL,CPOs SI 2018 ,Helpful Knowledge, List of English vocabulary with hindi meaning, Also Helpful for Download English Vocabulary pdf, IBPS, RRB Scale -1, SSC-CGL, Railway, Delhi Sub Inspector, Delhi Metro Exams 2018

List of English Vocabulary with Hindi meaning: 

         Word                           Meaning in English                                     Meaning in Hindi

  1. Aspires                       To try very hard to achieve something              अत्यधिक चेष्टाकरना
  2. Boisterous                  Rough and noisy                                                तूफानी/ प्रचण्ड
  3. Chorus                        A Group of singers and dancers                        गायकों का समूह
  4. Competence               Capacity                                                             दक्षता
  5. Conviction                  Convicting a person of a crime                         अपराध सिद्धि
  6. Crudest                       Not having grace/ in a raw                               अपरिपक्व/अभद्र
  7. Diligence                    Industrious                                                         परिश्रम
  8. Egoist                          Narcissist                                                           अंड्डवादी
  9. Egotist                        Conceited person                                              अभिमानीव्यक्ति
  10. Foe                              Enemey                                                              शत्रु
  11. Forsakes                     Give up/ desert                                                  साथ छोड़ देना
  12. Garrulous                   Talkative                                                             बातूनी
  13. Half -Heartedly          Done with little interest                                    बिना मन से
  14. Indulgence                 Gratification                                                      आसक्ति
  15. Industrious                 Diligence                                                           परिश्रम
  16. Introvert                    To turn inward                                                   अन्तर्मुखी
  17. Irreverent                   Deficient in respect                                           अदाकारी
  18. Mandatory                 Required by a law or rule                                  अनिवार्य
  19. Monologue                A long speech given by a character in a story or play लम्बा भाषण
  20. Penitent                      Showing regret or Remorse                             पश्चताप
  21. Physique                     Bodily structure                                                शारीरिक गठन
  22. Relies on                     Depend                                                             निर्भर
  23. Looking forward to   Anticipate something with pleasure                 ख़ुशी के साथ आशा करना
  24. Breach                        A break in friendly relations between people or groups   विच्छेद /दरार
  25. Legacy                        Something (such as property) that is received from some one who died                                                                                                      वसीहत

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