Top 30 Biology Questions Answers | SSC-CGL-2018 | All Govt Jobs -2018

Top 30 Biology Questions Answers SSC-CGL-2018 | All Govt Jobs -2018

Dear Aspirant Amazon Academy Dehradun Sharing Biology Best 30 Questions Asked In Most Of The Competitive Exams,Helpful for SSC- CGL Exams 2018, Data Entry, NDA, RRB Railway.Exams Upcoming Exams 2018

Biology Questions:

  1. The “ Digestive system “ in the body starts with the saying – Mouth
  2. In which Part of the body “ bile Juice “ is formed – Liver
  3. Name the Disease known as ” Christmas Disease ” – Haemophilia
  4. Which “ Hormone “ is known as ” Emergency Hormone ” – Adrenalin
  5. How Many number of Bones in human body – 206
  6. Name the “ Enzyme “ Present in Saliva – Ptyalin
  7. Covering of Heart – Pericardium
  8. Which is the “ smallest gland “ in the body – Pituitary Gland
  9. Which Part of the “ Cinchona Plant “ gets the “ quinine “ – the stem from the bark
  10. The Process of “ Purifying blood “ in the body is called – Dialysis
  11. The main “ chemical compound “ found in human renal – Calcium oxalate
  12. Epiphytes are Plants that depend on other plants – Mechnical support for mechanical support
  13. The Part of the body that “ lymph cells “ form is – Large bones
  14. Which Part of the body is affected by “ Alzheimer’s disease “ – Brain
  15. In which Part ” Vitamin A ” is stored in the Body – Liver
  16. In which part of the body produces the blood cells – Bone marrow
  17. in an Earthworm How many pair of heart is found – Four
  18. Name the substance found in blood which helps in Blood cloting – Fibrinogen
  19. Name the organs which has its own wave of Autonomic Excitation – Heart
  20. Name the short upper part of human intestine next to the stomach – Duodenum
  21. Name the Gland which is responsible for the secretion of insulin – Pancrease
  22. Name the “ Antibodies “ which is Produced in the plasma of blood – Lymphocytes
  23. Name the “ enzyme “ which take part in Digestion of milk protein – Rennin
  24. By Excessive Consumption of which thing ” is caused ” Lathyrism ” – Khesari Dal
  25. Which Vitamin helps in the formation of collagen – Vitamin C
  26. The Compound used in Anti -Malaria Drug is – Chloroquin
  27. Name The Scientist who is known as “ father of Zoology “ – Aristotal
  28. The Study of ” Spermology ” is – Seed
  29. “ Chambered Heart “ occurs in which Insect – Crockroach
  30. How many days the “ Red blood cells “ in the body survive – 120 days

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