List of One word Substitution | SSC-CGL/ CHSL-Data Entry Exam-2018

List of One word Substitution | SSC-CGL/ CHSL-Data Entry Exam-2018
List of One word Substitution | SSC-CGL/ CHSL-Data Entry Exam-2018

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One Word Substitution:

  1. Cytology                – Study of Cell        (कोशिका अध्यन्न)
  2. Etymology             – Study of words  (शब्दों का अध्यन्न)
  3. Entomology           – Study of insects (कीटों का अध्यन्न)
  4. Dipsommania        – A strong Desire to take Liquer (शराब पीने की तीव्र लालसा)
  5. Histology               – Study of tissues (उत्तकों का अध्यन्न)
  6. Itinerant                 – One who travels from place to place (घुम्मकड़)
  7. Metrology              – Study of Climate or weather (जलवायु का अध्यन्न)
  8. Bevy                       – A large of girls/Ladies  (लड़कियों या महिलाओं का झुण्ड)
  9. Inveulnerable         – That cannot be wounded (मजबूत या ताकतवर)
  10. Hearse                   – Vehicle to carry Dead Bodies (शववाहन)
  11. Orography             – Study of Mountain (पर्वतों का अध्यन्न)
  12. Matins                    – Morning prayer in a church(प्रातः कालीन प्राथना)
  13. Shrew                     – A women with peevish nature (तुनकमिजाज महिला)
  14. Thearchy                – Government by God (ईश्वर सत्ता)
  15. Anthropology        – The study of ancient societies  (मानव शास्त्र)
  16. Vesper                    – Evening prayer in church (शाम की प्राथना)
  17. Endemic                 – A disease  that is found regularly in a particular place(महामारी)
  18. Epidemic                – A disease that spreads over a large area (स्थानीय बीमारी)
  19. Polygon                 – A plane figure with many angles and sides (भहुभुज)
  20. Allegory                 – A story in which ideas are symbolized as people (दुष्टान्तकथा)
  21. Fresco                    – The art of painting on a plaster surface (भित्ति चित्र)
  22. Perennial               – That occurs time after time (स्थायी)
  23. Quandrennial        – That happens Every four years (प्रत्येक चार वर्षों में होने वाला)
  24. Idolotry                 – The workship of idols or images  (मूर्तिपूजा)
  25. Jocular                   – Someone that makes people (मजाकिया)

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