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Top 50 Gk question to score in RPF Exam in 2019

By Vikash Suyal | General Science | Jan 16, 2019
These 50 Gk question is important for those Candidates who are preparing for RPF Exam 2019 held on January and also important for other exam like SSC(CGL,CPO,etc),NDA etc.

50 gk question for RPF Exam 2019

1-Recent study shows that which is the best indicator of Diabetes ?

Ans –Albumin

2-Renowed writer Namita Gokhale recently awarded by which award ?

Ans- Sushila devi literature award

3-What is the chemical name of Lunar caustic ?


4-what is the capital of Poland?

Ans- Warsaw               

5-which vitamin has role in blood clotting?

Ans-vitamin K

6- Headquarter of UNSECO is situated in?

Ans- Paris (france)

7- what is the currency of Somalia?

Ans- Shilling

8- Under which article Election commission is established?


9-Plant growing on rocks are known As ?

Ans- Lithopytes

10-where is mariana trench located?

Ans- Pacific ocean

11-reservation of Scheduled castes and scheduled tribes comes under which Indian constitution?

Ans- Article(335)

12-Mahayana is related to which Relgion”?

Ans - Buddhism

13-where is Lothal city located?

Ans- saragwala(gujrat)

14- 73rd constitutional amendment act is related to?

Ans- Panchayat raj

15- Who were the first king to introduce a gold coins in india?

Ans- Indo-Greek Rulers

16-What is obtained after polymarisation of PVC?

Ans-Vinyl chloride

17-what is the CGS unit of energy?

Ans- erg.

18-Antyodaya Programme is related with?

Ans- Upliftment of the poorest of the poor.

19-Who is the vice-chairman of NITI AYOG?

Ans-Rajiv kumar.

20-Total income of country is??

Ans-Total  productive income

21-Density of water is high at which temperature ?

Ans-4 degree or 257 Kelvin.

22-who invented X-ray?

Ans-Wilhelm Conard Roentgen

23-who was the first governor general of India?

Ans-Warrner Hastings.

24-Manas National park is situated in which state?


25- 22nd edition of FIFA world cup is scheduled in which country?


26-What is the motto of Common Wealth games 2018?

Ans-Share the dreams.

27-AGMARK is?

Ans-A quality guaretee stamp for commodities.

28-which state of India is known as the Manchester of India?

Ans- Ahmedabad.

29- who invented optical fibre?

Ans- Narinder Kapany

30-pencillin was invented by?

Ans- Alexander Fleming.

31-edible part of onion is?


32-Saltora Range is located in?

Ans-Part of The karakoram range.

33-pepti is the festival of?

Ans- Buddhists.

34-cytology is study of?

Ans-study of cells.

35-kisan Diwas is celleberated on?


इसे भी पढ़े 

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Ans-23rd December

36-Prevention of terrorism Act(POTA) is enacted in which year?


37-Nae of The world’s largest lake ?

Ans-Lake superior.

38-Lamberts law is associated with?


39-Most sweetest sugar is ?


40-Who wrote KAMSUTRA?

Ans- Vatsyayana

41-Mahayana associated with which religion?

Ans- Buddhism.

42-Jaundice is caused due to infection at which part of the body?

Ans- Liver.

43-Deficiency of vitamin B1 cause which Disease?


44-The outermost layer of the Sun is kmown as?


45-Atomic number of nikel?

Ans- 28.

46-who discovered mohenjodaro site?

Ans- R.D.Banerji, In 1922.

47-what is the mass of earth?

Ans- 5.942 *10^24.

48-Decimal system of Indian currency started in which year?

Ans-1 April, 1957.

49- In 18 Carat gold the ratio of pure gold is?


50-The Sarangeti wildlife sanctuary is located in?

Ans- Tanzania.

Other Important  gk question:

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