Basic Computer Gk Quiz 4: computer gk for group c exam 2018

  1. In binary code, the number 7 is written as – 
    A) 111
    B) 110
    C) 100
    D) 101

Ans.A (111)

  1. Which of the following is an example of non-volatile memory? 
    A) Cache memory
    B) ROM
    C) RAM
    D) None of the above


Ans.B (ROM)

3. What is the maximum size of a word document.

  1.  32 MB
  2. 16 MB
  3. 19 MB
  4.  869 MB


Ans.A (32 MB)

4.The binary system uses powers of.

  1.  10
  2.  6
  3.  8
  4.  2

Ans.D (2)

  1. If a computer has more than one processor which is is known as ?
    1. Multiprogramming
    2.  Multithreaded
    3.  Multiprocessor
    4.  Uniprocess

                   Ans.C (Multiprocessor)

 6.MPG is an file extension of which type of files ?

  1.  Image
  2. Audio
  3. Flash
  4.  Video

                                    Ans.D (Video)

7.Which function key is used to check spellings ?

  1.  F2
  2.  F5
  3.  F11
  4.  F7

                                                Ans.D (F7)

  1.  PARAM was developed by ?
    1.  C-DAC
    2.  IIT Kanpur
    3. IIT Delhi
    4.  BARC

Ans.D (C-DAC)

9.Which file format can be added to a PowerPoint show ?

  1.  .jpg
  2.  .wav
  3.  .gif
  4.  All of above

                                    Ans.D (All of above)           

10.To print powerpoint presentation, press ?

  1.  Ctrl + Shift + P
  2. CTRL + S
  3.  Ctrl + A
  4.  Ctrl + P

Ans.D (Ctrl + P)

11. Laser printer is a type of ?


A)Non impact printing

B) impact printing

C) None of above

D) Both of above

Ans.D (Non impact printing)

  1. What is the full form of LCD?
    1.  Liquid crystal data
    2.  Liquid crystal display
    3.  Liquid code display
    4.  Liquid catalouge display

Ans.D (Liquid crystal display)

13. Assembler work in two phases ?

  1.  False
  2.  True

Ans.B (True)

  1. A printer is this kind of device?
  2. A) Word Processing
  3. B) Input
  4. C) Output
  5. D) Processing

Ans.D (Output)

  1. 15. A list of protocols used by a system, one protocol per layer, is called?
    1.  protocol stack
    2. protocol architecture
    3.  none of these
    4. protocol suit

Ans.A (protocol stack)

16.Bluetooth is an example of?

  1.  local area network
  2.  virtual private network
  3. none of these
  4. personal area network

Ans.A (personal area network)

  1. Wireless transmission can be done via?
    1.  microwaves
    2. radio waves
    3.  infrared
    4. all of the above

Ans.D (all of the above)

18.A single channel is shared by multiple signals by?

  1.  multiplexing
  2. digital modulation
  3.  analog modulation
  4. all of the above

Ans.A (multiplexing)

  1.  The physical layer is responsible for?

A) channel coding

B) modulation

C) line coding

D) all of the above

Ans.D (all of the above)

  1. Which transmission media has the highest transmission speed in a network?

         A) optical fiber

        B) twisted pair cable

       C) electrical cable

       D) coaxial cable

            Ans.A (optical fiber)

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