Indian Polity Important GK for UPSC, NDA, CDS, AFCAT Exam 2018

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Indian Polity Objective Gk Question:

  1. The ” India Secretariat ” Post was created by which Act – Government of India Act 1858
  2. What was known as the Plan to Give universal Power to the Indians in the year 1947 – Mountbatten scheme
  3. The Major feature of which Act was “ Provincial Autonomy “ – the Act of 1935
  4. What was Arranged in the 1909 “ India Council Act ” – Communal representation
  5. In which Part of the “ Emergency Provision “ is included – Part 18
  6. The method of “ Acquisition of Property “ by the state has been mentioned in which Schedule – Ninth Schedule
  7. Which “ Vice President “ of India had died during the tenure – Krishnakanth
  8. After the implementation of the constitution, the “ Joint session “ of both the houses has been called several times – three
  9. Under the constitution, Residual Powers are contained in –  Central Government
  10. Which article of “ Indian Constitution “ Gives the President the Power to dissolve the Lok Sabha – Article 85
  11. Who Presides over the Joint session of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha – Speaker of the Lok Sabha
  12. Whether the bill is a bill or not, who decides – Lok Sabha Speaker
  13. What is the minimum age for being Elected a member of the Rajya Sabha – 30 Year
  14. Which Part of the “ Indian Constitution “ Relates to the State – Part XI
  15. Political science is defined by which scholar as ” the Science of the state” – Garner
  16. According to which Article of Indian Constitution, the President can take the opinion of the Supreme Court on the question of any law – Article 143
  17. Which Part of “ Indian Constitution “ is Related to the structure and Powers of Panchayats – Part IX
  18. Under Article, which is the constitution of the Constitution of the Inter-State Council – Article 263
  19. In the schedule of Indian Constitution, the Rights of the municipalities have been mentioned – the outside schedule
  20. According to which Article of the Constitution, the “ Finance Commission ” is constituted – Article 280
  21. Under which Article of the Constitution, the Governor can Reserve a bill for the President’s Acceptance – Article 200
  22. When was the first meeting of the “ Indian Constituent Assembly “ – December 9, 1946
  23. Which Article of the Constitution mentions the structure of the Rajya Sabha – Article 80
  24. Article 21 A Related to the Right to Education, which was added by the Amendment bill – 86th Amendment bill
  25. Who is the father of “ Behavioristic  Revolution ” in Political Science – David Easton
  26. Which Indian leader called the “ Indian Government Act 1935 “ as the ” new charter of slavery” – Jawaharlal Nehru
  27. Who was the first modern thinker to Draw Attention to the welfare state  – Lauschi
  28. The number of members of the “ Constituent Assembly “ Remained in the year 1947 as a result of the reorganization – 299
  29. which Princely states Representatives did not Participate in the Constituent Assembly – Hyderabad
  30. The framework of which act has been Adopted in the” Indian Constitution “ – Government of India Act 1935
  31. Who was the “ temporary chairman ” of the “ Constituent Assembly “ – Sachchichanand Sinha
  32. Who was the “ Permanent chairman ” of the “ Constituent Assembly ” – Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  33. Who is Appointed “ Controller and Auditor General “ of India – President
  34. How many ” fundamental duties “ were mentioned in the “ original constitution “ – 0
  35. From which day was the “ Indian Constitution “ fully implemented  –  January 26, 1950
  36. On which day did the Indian Independence Act get the approval of the British monarch – 21 July 1947
  37. Which kind of Democracy has the “ Indian Constitution ” adopted – Democratic Republic
  38. Who is the Chairman of the ” Council of Ministers “  – Prime Minister
  39. What was the number of languages ​​in the “ Eighth schedule “ in the original constitution -14
  40. Which words were added in the introduction by the “ 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act ” –Socialist, Secular and Integrity
  41. What kind of Governance is Adopted in India – British Parliamentary system
  42. Which country’s Constitution has got inspiration from the “ Principles of state Policy ” – Republic of Ireland
  43. In which year the first ” Constitutional Amendment Act ” was made – 1951
  44. In which year the “ Constitution of India ” was Accepted – November 26, 1949
  45. Where is the system of three lists taken from the “ Indian constitution “ – Government of India Act 1935 to
  46. In which year India became a “ Dominant Republican state “  – the year 1950
  47. The first Amendment was made in the Preamble of the “ Indian Constitution “ – year 1976
  48. What Amendments Act to the “ Indian Constitution “ were made changes in the objectives – 42nd Constitution Amendment Act of 1976
  49. The Amendment Process of the ” Indian Constitution “ is influenced by the Constitution of which country – South Africa
  50. How long did the first session of the ” Constituent Assembly “ be held – December 9, 1946 to December 23, 1946
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