30 Important Science Objective Question – (SSC-CGL Exam) -2018

30 Important Science Objective Question – (SSC-CGL Exam) -2018

Dear Aspirants Read Science General knowledge Objective question, 30 Science Gk MCQ for SSC-CGL, SSC CHSL, Railway, Oneday Exams, Science GK quiz For SSC GD 2018 Exams, SSC Exams 2018 best Science Gk question Practice set, Science Multiple Question Answers Shared By Amazon Academy Dehradun


Science Objective Question: SSC-CGL Exam 2018  

  1. Richter scale is used to measure – Intensity of Earthquakes
  2. In which temperature the density of water is maximum – (- 40 degree Celsius)
  3. Which Gland in the Human Body is called The master gland – Pitutary gland
  4. Medula oblongata is a part of human – Brain
  5. ECG is used for the diagnosis of ailment of – Hearts
  6. Insulin is Injected into the intestines by – Gall Bladder
  7. The Function of hemoglobin is Called – Transporation of oxygen
  8. Which part of Human body is effected by Malaria disease – Spleen
  9. Milk Contains the sugar – Sucrose
  10. Marsh Gas Mainly contains – CO
  11. Liquified Petroleum Gas Consist of – Sodium carbonate
  12. Faradey’s law is Associated with – Electrolytes
  13. Which Gas is Used in cigrette lighters – Butane
  14. The Rainbow is formed due to a combination of Total internal Reflection & Dispersion
  15. The temperature for which the Reading on Celsius & Fahrenheit scales are identical is – (-40 celsius)
  16. Atom Bomb is based on the Principle of – Nucleas fission
  17. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is Situated at – Trombay
  18. When milk is churned the cream is seprated from it Due to – Centrifugal Force
  19. The Principle of working of Periscope is based on – Reflection & Refraction
  20. Nights are cooler in the Deserts than in the Plains because – Sand radiates Heat more quickly then the Earth
  21. In An oil Lamp The Oil rises Up in the wick because – Capillary Action
  22. Mercury Thermometer was invented by – Galileo
  23. A transistor is most likely to be found in a – Hearing aid
  24. A person born with the inner ear missing – would never be able to hear sound
  25. The possibility of hereditary variation is greatest when – organisms reproduce sexually
  26. Steel is more elastic then rubber because – ratio of stress to strain is more
  27. The chief purpose if crop rotation is to check the loss of topsoil – pf its mineral content
  28. Penicillin is widely used as – An antibiotic
  29. What is function of a dynamo – To convert mechanical energy into electrical energy
  30. The chief constituent of Gobar Gas is – Methane


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