List of Top 30 General Science questions - (SSC-CGL Exam 2018)

By Ravi | Science | Nov 21, 2017
List of Top 30 General Science GK Questions, One liner gk quiz For SSC-CGL/CHSL, CPO, MTS Examinations 2018, SSC-CGL, Railway  Exam, IB Intelligent Bureau, 30 best general science questions Helpful for Upcoming  All Govt Jobs 2018, Helpful Knowledge Shared by Amazon Academy Dehradun


General Science One Liner GK Question:

  1. Father of Genetics is called Gregor John Mendel.

  2. Hargovind Khurana got the Nobel Prize for the discovery of Gene DNA.

  3. Ribosome is called a protein factory.

  4. The number of chromosomes in the human body is 46 (23 pairs).

  5. The pox vaccine was invented by Edward Janeer.

  6. The blood of a healthy human body has a PH value of 7.4.

  7. The formation of red blood cells in RBC is in the bone marrow.

  8. The cellulose was discovered by English scientist Robert Hook.

  9. The longest bone in the human body is known as 'femur' (thigh bone).

  10. The smallest bone of the human body is 'Steps' which is in the ear.

  11. The RBC red blood cell is called the cemetery liver and the spleen.

  12. Vitamin K is helpful in making a blood clot.

  13. Blood group and RH Factor were discovered by Karl Landsteiner.

  14. AB blood group does not contain Antibodies, therefore it is called Universal Donar

  15. The human heart has a weight of about 300 grams.

  16. Urine color is light yellow due to the presence of urochrome.

  17. The HIV virus of AIDS is detected by ELISA Test.

  18. The average blood blood in the body of a healthy man is 5 - 6 liters.

  19. The purification of human blood is in the kidney.

  20. The smallest gland in the human body is in the pituitary brain.

  21. Insulin was discovered by Batting and West.

  22. Cirrosis is a Disease which affects the liver.

  23. Typhoid is affected by intestines.

  24. Digested food is mostly absorbed through the small intestine.

  25. The heart of a healthy man beats at 72 times in a minute.

  26. Man's chest has 12-12 ribs on both sides.

  27. Scurvy Acid is the 'Chemical Name of Vitamin C'.

  28. The word biology was first used by Lammark and Trevirenus.

  29. O blood group is not found in antigen.

  30. The cell was discovered by Robert Hook.

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