30 Useful Idioms & Phrases for SSC-CGL | IBPS Exams 2018

30 Useful Idioms & Phrases for SSC-CGL | IBPS Exams 2018

30 Useful & Important Idioms and Phrases ask in Previous SSC Exams, Frequently Asked in SSC-CGL & Banking Exams, List of 30 idioms & Phrases for Upcoming SSC-CGL IBPS Banking /All Govt jobs, Idioms and Phrases, The Useful & Important Knowledge shared by Amazon Academy Dehradun

Idioms and Phrases:

  1. A block Head               – Stupid person (मन्दबुद्धि व्यक्ति)
  2. A blue book                 – A Government Report (सरकारी दस्तावेज)
  3. Adam’s ale                   – Ordinary water (साधारण पानी)
  4. All & sundry                 – Everyone without Exception (समूचा)
  5. A past master               – An Expert  (विशेषज्ञ)
  6. A gala day                    – A day of festivity (उत्सव का दिन)
  7. A man of straw             – One who has no influence (तुच्छ व्यक्ति)
  8. Beat a retreat               – To retire before the Eenemy (हड़बड़ा कर भाग जाना)
  9. Man of Letters              – Learned person (विद्वान व्यक्ति)
  10. Make a fortune            – To Earn where (धन कमाना  )
  11. For and wide                – Every where   (सब जगह)
  12. Fabian policy                – Policy of dekaying decisions (निर्णयों में देरी करने की नीति)
  13. An iron hand                – Forcely (ताकत से)
  14. A green horn                – Inexperienced (अनुभवहीन)
  15. Kith and Kin                 – Blood relatives (सगे रिश्ते)
  16. Law and Equity            – Legal and moral justice (उचित न्याय)
  17. Head and shoulder     – Superior (ज्यादा श्रेष्ट)
  18. Hand and gloves         – Very close friend (घनिष्ट मित्र)
  19. Big shot                       – Important person  (महत्वपूर्ण व्यक्ति)
  20. All Agog                      – Restless  (बिना बिना आराम के)
  21. To cross swords          – to fight (युद्ध करना)
  22. Make a clean breast   – To confess (गलती स्वीकार करना)
  23. To hit the jackpot       – To get an unexpected victory (अप्रत्याशित विजय प्राप्त करना)
  24. A man of weight         – A man of importantce (महत्वपूर्ण व्यक्ति)
  25. Be in the mire             – Be in difficulties (नौकरी से निकल देना)
  26. To break the ice          – To start a conversation (वार्तालाप शुरू करना)
  27. Get the axe                 – Dismissed from job (नौकरी से निकाल देना)
  28. A good samaritan      – One who helps the stranger & the Helpless (नेक व्यक्ति)
  29. To pour oil in troubled water – To calm a quarrel with soothing words (झगडे को शांत करना)
  30. Swan song                  – Last work of a poet or musician before death (किसी कवि या संगीतज्ञ की मृत्यु पूर्व अंतिम रचना)

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