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By Ravi | Geography | Nov 25, 2017
Students can Read & Learn List of World Geography Question Answers, World Geography Quiz, for SSC-CGL, CPOs, CPF, MTS Exams 2018, Helpful for Delhi Sub Inspector, Delhi Metro & ALL Govt Jobs 2018 Amazon Academy Dehradun Sharing The Helpful General knowledge of World Geography for All Candidates who are Preparing SSC/SSC-CGL Exam 2018 -Combined Graduate Level Tier-1 Exam 2018

World Geography Quiz:

  1. Who is the Called Father of Human Geography - Carl Reiter

  2. Which instrument is used to measure the distances on the map - Opisometer

  3. Name the Ocean which is Blocked by the “ Asian Continent “ in the North – Indian Ocean

  4. Name The Two Oceans which combine Panama Canals – Pacific Ocean & North Atlantic Ocean

  5. In which Ocean world fourth Largest Island “ Madagascar Island “ is Situated – Indian Ocean

  6. Which is the Highest mountain Peak of South America continent - Mount Aconcagua

  7. Which continent is called the "continent of continents" - Asia

  8. The Atlas mountain is located in which continent - Africa

  9. What is the longest river in Europe to flow continent - Volga

  10. Which is the highest mountain peak of Asia's continent - Mount Everest

  11. Which river Cuts the “ Tropic of Capricorn ” twice - Limpopo

  12. Which is the Highest Volcano Area in the world - Philippine Islands

  13. Where “ Coniferous forests & Angular forest “ meet in which Natural state - Taiga region

  14. The most Diverse variety of vegetation is found in which natural state - Equatorial region

  15. Which tribe live in “ Tundra region “ - Eskimos

  16. Which latitude line passes through the continent of Australia - Capricorn

  17. Who is the father of the Continental flow theory - Wegner

  18. Which river bites the Makar Line twice - Limpopo

  19. Which is the longest river to flow in the continent of North America - Mississippi Missouri

  20. What is the southernmost point of continental Europe - Cape Agulas

  21. Which continent is known as the Shvet Continent - Antarctica

  22. The International Date Line was determined in what year - 1884

  23. The world's largest coral reef is found near the coast of which country -Australia

  24. What is a hot stream flowing from north to south direction near the Peru coast - Alieno stream

  25. In which country are the banks of the Black Hill, Blue Mountains and Green Mountains located - United States

  26. Which area is called as the ineffective region of Asia - Area of ​​Pamir

  27. " Mistral " is the wind that runs in the country - France

  28. Where are the world's tallest submerged Kenyan - In the Bering Sea

  29. Who compiled the continental displacement theory of mountain formation – wegner

  30. Which is the most “ Salin Ocean “ in the World – Red sea

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