क्या आपको जाति के नाम पर आरक्षण चाहिए है?

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Shiva Shakti Yoga Teacher Training School in India

Shiva Shakti Yoga Teacher Training School in India

About Your School: Shiva Shakti Yoga is a Traditional Yoga School based out of India with International Certification Programs (Yoga Alliance Certifications).The School is renowned for adaptive curriculum and teachers who are yogis. This all in all constitutes to a …

Do you think you know all about Yoga? If Yes, You Must Read

Yoga general knowledge

Nowadays, to achieve a healthy body, the knowledge of yoga and the practice of different –different yoga postures and exercises can be very beneficial. As we all know that, “Yoga” consists of principles and observations of the connection between the …

How Yoga helps to Increase Concentration

Yoga for increasing Concentration

Yoga for increasing Concentration

Today, yoga is the best way to improve concentration power. It is a straightforward reason that yoga is being prioritized in modern-day institutions.  The best part about improving concentration through yoga is that the person manages …

How yoga helps for glowing skin

Yoga for Glowing Skin

Today, everybody wants to have a beautiful skin and for this, they try so many remedies. As we all know that yoga provides many physical and mental benefits. And one of the most overlooked of yoga …

What is Yoga and Yoga Benefits


What is Yoga?

Yoga means the union of the individual soul with the universal spirit and it is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj”. It means finding the keys to the nature of the existence. Yoga is not just exercise …